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As you may be aware, Nova Scotia enacted an Accessibility Act in 2017 to ensure that all persons with disabilities have equitable access to what they need.  As part of the process of removing and preventing barriers, public sector bodies, which includes municipalities, are working towards local Accessibility Plans by the summer of 2021. The Region of Queens now has an Accessibility Coordinator in place and is looking for public input as well as five volunteers to serve on an Accessibility Advisory Committee.

PLEASE HELP US! We can provide alternative formats upon request. You can remain anonymous or choose not to.

To do the SURVEY  online, click here.

To download and print a hard copy of the SURVEY, click here . Submit to our office by mail or in person.

To read the Terms of Reference of the COMMITTEE, click here . Note that we need 5 members of the public, all of whom either have a disability or represent an organization that represents disabilities. Two Councillors will also sit on this committee.

To fill out an application for the COMMITTEE, click here  for a digital form. Save it and Email it back to our Accessibility Coordinator, Elise Johnston at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by SEPTEMBER 18th, 2020.

Click here for our Accessibility Coordinator’s 15-minute interview by the Queens Community Health Board. Elise describes the range of disabilities that people face, presents a few areas where improvements will be made and outlines the process and general approach being taken by the Region.