Region of Queens Municipality

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Nova Scotia enacted an Accessibility Act in 2017 to ensure that all persons with disabilities have equitable access to what they need.  As part of the process of removing and preventing barriers, public sector bodies, which includes municipalities, are working towards local Accessibility Plans by the summer of 2021. Region of Queens Municipality hired an Accessibility Coordinator in July and appointed an Accessibility Advisory Committee in November, 2020.

We continue to ask for public input and offer a few formats. You can either call us or complete an anoonymous survey online:  click here.

To download and print a hard copy of the SURVEY, click here . Submit to our office by mail or in person.

Our Accessibility Advisory Committee consists of Councillor Ralph Gidney, Chair; David Rudderham, Vice-Chair; Councillor Vicki Amirault; Wayne Huskins; Kelly Oxner; and Tyler Roy.

Input is still welcome! Please feel free to contact our Accessibility Coordinator, Elise Johnston at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with questions, concerns and ideas.

Click here for our Accessibility Coordinator’s 15-minute interview by the Queens Community Health Board. Elise describes the range of disabilities that people face, presents a few areas where improvements will be made and outlines the process and general approach being taken by the Region.

Accessibility Advisory Committee Minutes are available below by date of meeting: