Occupancy permits are required:

  • to allow the initial occupancy of a new building or part thereof;
  • when the occupancy classification of an existing building or part thereof is changed;

The Occupancy Permit Application is the same as the Building Permit application.  Click here for the Building Permit Application.  There is currently no fee for an occupancy permit.

If you are ready for your Occupancy Inspection (final inspection), click here for a checklist to ensure you have completed all the things you will need for a successful inspection, as well as copies of any reports the Inspector may need.

**  June 30, 2020:  Due to foot traffic changes of the Municipal Adminsitration building, access to the public in the Planning Department is limited to one person at a time.  Questions or permits can be forwarded via mail, fax or email to tclattenburg@regionofqueens.com