Region of Queens Municipality is committed to providing avenues and opportunities for all residents of Queens County to have reasonable access to recreational opportunities that are provided and offered by Region of Queens Municipality.

How does the #RecreationForAll program work?
Approved applicants receive a 3-month membership at QPEC, access to RQM Aquatic Facilities or RQM programs, activities or training at a reduced cost.  Participants contribute 10% of the total cost and the program covers the remaining 90%.  The fee must be paid in full at the time of registration at the reduced rate.  For QPEC memberships, at the end of the 3 months  we will review your experience, usage and current needs to assess potential continuation in the program.  Confidentiality is maintained at all times.  Applicants shall not be funded more than once per year until all other applications have been exhausted and then only if funds allow.

How do I apply?
Step 1:  Complete and submit the application form.
Step 2:  Wait for staff to contact you as we may need more information.
Step 3:  Upon approval, visit our customer service desk to pay the participant portion and  complete the necessary forms.
Step 4:  Complete an orientation with certified fitness centre staff (if applicable).
Step 5:  Get Active!

Where can I get an application?
In-person at Queens Place Emera Centre, or Region of Queens Administration Building, or request via email from, or  click here to download.

 How can I support the #RecreationForAll program?
Organizations, businesses and community members can financially support members of our community who are interested in, and would benefit from participation in use of Queens Place Emera Centre, Region of Queens Municipal Aquatic Facilities, and RQM Programming.  Supporting the #RecreationForAll program financially provides an opportunity to persons within our communities who otherwise would not be able to participate in recreational activities and programs offered by Region of Queens Municipality.

How can I make a donation to the #RecreationForAll program?
Step 1:  Complete the facility membership and fee sponsorship form.  Forms are available at:

                    Region of Queens Administration Building
                    249 White Point Road
                    Liverpool, N.S.
                    click here to download

                    Queens Place Emera Centre
                    50 Queens Place Drive
                    Liverpool, N.S.
                    click here to download

Step 2:  Submit the completed form, and forward your donation to:

                    Region of Queens Muncipality
                    Attn.  Steve Burns, Manager of Events,Promotion & Sponsorship
                    249 White Point Road, PO Box 1264
                    Liverpool, N.S.  B0T 1K0

Donation Recognition
Donor recognition will be provided via a donor recognition board located in the Queens Place Emera Centre lobby, on the Region of Queens Municipal website and Queens Place Emera Centre’s website.

Donation Categories:
Up to $249 . . . . . . . Accumulating Total
$250 – $999 . . . . . . Name as requested
$1,000 – $2,499 . . . Name/Logo as requested
$2,500 – $4,999 . . . Name/Logo as requested
$5,000 + . . . . . . . . Name/Logo as requested
* donor recognition board updated semi annually