The Council of the Region of Queens Municipality adopts bylaws concerning various community issues in accordance with the Municipal Government Act of Nova Scotia. Bylaws require a first and second reading at least 10 days apart and must be advertised in the local media. The Region uses Lighthouse Now for advertising proposed and approved bylaw additions, changes, or deletions. Most bylaws come into effect when they are advertised as approved. During the proposal stage, members of the public may submit written comments either in support or opposition or appear in person on the day noted in the advertisement.

In a few cases, bylaws must be approved first by the Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations or other ministers such as the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

Various sections of the Municipal Government Act provide Council with bylaw making authority. Some of these are included in this section that lists the existing bylaws in Queens.

It is important to note that not all matters in Queens are under the jurisdiction of these bylaws, therefore if it isn’t regulated in one of these bylaws, it does not follow that it is legal. The Municipal Government Act and hundreds of other provincial and federal laws supersede our bylaws. As a result, our bylaws only cover items not already regulated by those higher authorities.

Many of our bylaws are proclaimed under the Summary Proceedings Act of Nova Scotia which empowers our Bylaw Enforcement Officer to issue Summary Offense Tickets (SOTs) which is equivalent to that of a police officer issuing a speeding ticket at the moment of infraction and requiring the offender to appear in court on a specified date. This enhanced enforcement ability saves Queens’ residents money that would have been spent on legal and other costs.