We all value living in a community where we feel comfortable and safe. One way to accomplish this is through effective land use planning. Planning is a process of protecting and improving the living, production and recreational environments of a community through proper use and development of land. This process seeks to identify how we want development to occur in the future. What should our community look and feel like in 5, 10, 15 or 20 years? Planning seeks to provide a framework for healthy growth and sustainable development in Queens.  The mandate of the Planning and Development Department is to provide direction and leadership in relation to land use planning, community development and bylaw administration to ensure that communities in Region of Queens Municipality evolve in a manner which is orderly, healthy and sustainable for future generations.

Mike MacLeod
Director of Planning & Development

Wendy Connors
Development Officer

Myles Harlow
Planning & Development Technician / Building & Fire Official

Elise Johnston
Accessibility & Inclusion Coordinator

Tim Clattenburg
Building & Fire Official

Lorrie Wolfe
Administrative Assistant – Planning & Development

249 White Point Road, PO Box 1264, Liverpool, NS, B0T 1K0