Queens has a wealth of heritage properties that are recognized by all three levels of government.

Municipally designated heritage properties in the Region of Queens Municipality include:

Old Common Burial Ground 1994
Zion United Church and Cemetery 1996
Zoeth Freeman House 2002
Old Port Medway Cemetery 2007
Port Medway Lighthouse 2009
Port Joli Community Hall 2009
Queens County Fair Grounds – Main Building 2012
Queens County Fair Grounds – Pavilion 2012
West House (Tavern) 2018


Provincially designated heritage properties include:

Perkins House 1983
Old Meeting House 1988
Morton House 1989
Elisa Calkin House 1990
Liverpool Town Hall / Astor Theatre 1995
Fort Point Lighthouse 2001
Liverpool Court House 2001
Old Port Medway Cemetery 2008
Port Mouton (Spectacle) Lighthouse 2018


National Historic Sites:

Liverpool Town Hall / Astor Theatre 1984