Skaters from across the province, the Country and further have been giving the Mersey Skatepark positive reviews, citing it as one of the best skateparks in eastern Canada.  Opened on July 1, 2017, the Mersey Skatepark is an example of community spirit and community support at its best. The Queens County Skatepark Association, formed in 2012 with the vision that “It’s Time For a Skatepark in Queens!”, approached the Region of Queens Municipality’s Council for funding support and the land to help them to bring a 20 year dream to life.  A successful community fundraising campaign helped to build the park that the skater community envisioned.  Working with the top skatepark design company in Canada, and with consultation with the skater community about essential and fun features for the park, the Mersey Skatepark design is a challenging, fun and exhilarating ride, suitable for all ages and abilities.  The Mersey Skatepark is a Region of Queens Municipal park, owned and maintained by the Municipality.

GPS Coordinates:

44.05043040, -64.72044661

Civic Address:

72 Queens Place Drive, Liverpool, NS B0T 1K0

Facility Details:

  • Skatepark with bike park
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Suitable for skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, bicycles (no pegs please)
  • Multi-depth; 5′, 7′ and 9′ bowl with various organic lines, hips, blends and tapers.  A modern, progressive design
  • Flow section with lesser depth than bowl but with very fluid lines, ideal for young skaters starting out but can be very challenging to experience skaters when features are fully taken advantage of
  • Traditional street section with manual pads, ramps, stairs, rails and pipe
  • Off-road bike park with trail segments, jump zones, switchback slope runs, drop zones, snake lines, rock lines, hill climbs and skill areas
  • Bleachers at apron level and at high elevation for overlooking facility
  • Timber viewing stand with electrical power and repair stand
  • Aprons, ramps and pads connecting all elements together for sequential skating
  • Accessible washroom facilities at Queens Place Emera Centre, during the Centre’s open hours
  • Park available year round, subject to weather conditions
  • Also located on property are Queens Place Emera Centre, bike park, basketball nets, outdoor non motorized multiuse trail (approximately 1.8 km loop), and sledding hill


  • Unsupervised, Use at Your Own Risk
  • Proper Helmets, Knee/Elbow Pads, Wrist Guards Recommended
  • Usage Not Recommended When Wet or Hazards Exist
  • Know Your Abilities, Stay Within Them
  • Keep Park Clean, Sweep/Clean When Necessary
  • No Bike Pegs, Respect the Facility & Each Other
  • No Smoking, Drugs or Alcohol
  • Parents Responsible for Their Children
  • Spectators Use Caution
  • Region of Queens Not Responsible for Loss, Damage or Injury


  • Making Tracks (a skateboard safety and skills building workshop) and other workshops are scheduled periodically.  Contact the Department of Recreation and Healthy Communities for upcoming dates at 902-354-3453 or

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