20-30% of household waste is organic material that can be composted. The Region of Queens offers a bi-weekly curbside collection of organic waste as part of the Organic Green Cart Program. For a collection schedule, click here. This program helps reduce the load on our landfill and is therefore better for our environment. If you are interested in composting at home, check out this information sheet on home composting.

Quite a lot of material can go into your green cart, including:

Food Soiled/Wet Paper Other
Meat, fish & bones Coffee filters Popsicle sticks
Egg shells & dairy products Brown paper bags Non-metallic wrapping paper
Tea bags & coffee grounds Pizza boxes Leaves, brush, sawdust
All fruit, vegetables & nuts Popcorn bags Wood shavings & cold ashes
Cooking oil & fat Paper towels Plants, weeds & grass clippings
Plastic is NOT permitted in your green cart