Region of Queens Municipality

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In 2003, Council initiated a project with the goal of establishing a Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw covering all lands within Queens. Achieving this involved the development of a planning process that would integrate all communities within the Municipality, incorporating those who had existing planning documents with those who had none.

A Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) is a legal document, setting out the strategic policy direction for our Municipality to achieve its vision for a sustainable future.  A Land Use Bylaw is a regulatory document that sets out specific planning and development requirements in order to achieve the vision.

Following much work and public consultation, Region-wide Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw were formally adopted by Council in 2009.

The above MPS and LUB also incorporate mapping components, which are set out below:

As set out in Section 12 of the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS), both the MPS and the Land Use Bylaw (LUB) may be amended from time to time.  Council recognizes that change is continuously occurring within the Region and the planning documents need to incorporate a degree of flexibility and / or a process whereby the documents can be amended to meet the changing needs of the community.  The MPS establishes such policy upon which amendments to the planning documents can be considered.

A copy of the application for amendments to the MPS and / or LUB, as well as the process involved in a proposed amendment can be found at the link below.  This application is also utilized for requests to allow for uses permitted under a development agreement.

Amendment Application 2017

Planning Document Review

The Current Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) and Land Use Bylaw(LUB), were adopted by Council in 2009 and have served the Municipality well in guiding development in a manner which is orderly, healthy and sustainable.  This being said; however, the MPS and LUB are meant to be living documents requiring periodic review to meet the ever-changing needs of our communities.

With this in mind, Region of Queens Municipality is currently in the process of a formal review of its planning documents to address new issues and opportunities which have emerged over the last 10 years.

A separate website has been created for the planning  review project and can be found at .  This site contains a considerable amount of background information on the project to date, as well as copies of the draft Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use Bylaw which have been prepared for public review and input.