Our climate is one of the most moderate in Canada, as we are warmed by the Atlantic Ocean and often miss those storms that hit the rest of the Province, making us a playground no matter what time of year! In addition to the year round offering Queens has for you, here is a small sampling of what each season has to offer, and if you are ever unsure about how gorgeous it is down here, you can always have a look in at the live webcam on the waterfront!

Whitewater rafters take to the burgeoning rivers (Medway River is a favourite!) at this wonderful time of year and the trees and plants burst forth with new growth as the winter chill is shaken off for good. Avid golfers dust off their clubs and head over to the White Point Golf Club and tee off the very moment the course is open.

As the temperature heats up, so does the Festival scene in Queens as Summer sees a busy calendar packed with events. From Privateer Days to the historic Queens County Fair at the very end of summer, we always have something on the go. Check out our calendar for the latest offerings year round.

Autumn in this southern gateway to the UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere is a glorious canvas of crimson and gold against the deepest blues as the trees magically get ready for the impending winter. A popular “leaf peeping” route is Highway 8, the historic stretch of road that links Liverpool and Caledonia to Annapolis Royal. A canoe or kayak trip at this time of year gives you the best view of Mother Nature at her finest.

While the rest of Canada is deep in a winter freeze, our coastlines frequently report the warmest temperatures around. While swimming isn’t recommended, our beaches are inspiring places to walk along. Some locals even have a tradition of walking on the sands on Christmas Day. Speaking of Christmas, the Region buzzes in winter with craft sales, bazaars and community suppers and tired shoppers take a spa break with a massage or a beauty treatment from one of our therapists and aestheticians.