Originally known as “The Falls”, this community is situated on both sides of the Mersey River just minutes from Liverpool. The present bridge near the falls replaced the early 19th century structure that was destroyed by a tidal wave that raced into Liverpool Harbour and up the Mersey River. Later, a second bridge on Potanoc was added.

In the first quarter of the 20th century, Milton was the site of the earliest mills in Nova Scotia set up to make paper solely from groundwood. The milling of wood, however, dates back to 1762. The mill manufactured a heavy paper used for sheathing and cardboard. The last operator of these mills was the McLeod Pulp and Paper Company. Milton also was home to the first railway in the county, built to transport pulp and paper to the Liverpool wharves for shipping.

Milton is on Highway 8 about 3 minutes north from Liverpool.

GPS (Falls Bridge): 44.060391, -64.753364