Southwest Nova Scotia is one of the best birding destinations in Canada.  From mixed woodlands, to coastal salt marshes and beaches, to open ocean, the region supports a great diversity of species year round.

In Queens, birds abound, with many amateur and professional ornithologists flocking to the Important Birding Area (IBA) of Port Joli and Kejimkujik Seaside.  Home to a national and provincial park and a migratory bird sanctuary, St. Catherine’s River Road provides viewpoints across the tidal mudflats, white sand beaches and freshwater brooks. The endangered Piping Plover can be found on beaches in this area – please respect signed nesting areas and nest enclosures.  The beach is closed during nesting season.

Kejimkujik National Park and National Historic Site, inland, offers an abundant diversity of bird life as well. Find boreal species in softwood forests, warblers and other southern species in hardwood forests. Let the owls and loons lull you to sleep as you camp near the lake!