Port Medway Lighthouse was originally built in 1899 to mark the outer end of the breakwater and as an aid to ocean-going traffic using the harbour. For 68 years the light was taken care of by a series of lightkeepers, including Sammy Foster, George McConnell and Chelsey Whynot. Cecil Earl Dolliver was the last caretaker until the light was automated on January 1, 1967. That same year, the colour of the light changed from red to green. In 1987, the light was decommissioned.

For most of its existence, Port Medway Lighthouse has been a square wooden tower on a 16′ square base. However for several years beginning in 1979 vinyl siding adorned the exterior walls.

Officially opened in October 2002, Port Medway Lighthouse Park was created as a result of an initiative of a local community group with support from all levels of government.

Port Medway Lighthouse Park is located at 1687 Port Medway Road right beside the Harbour Authority Wharf. It is an eight minute drive from exit 17a off Highway 103.

GPS 44.13208, -64.574547

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