Region of Queens Municipality

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This area is often referred to as "Queens County's Peggy's Cove." The Medway Head light station at one time sat below the present site and you can still see some of the old foundation amongst the rocks. When Jonas Whynot and his wife lived at the station, they had large iron bars on their window shutters that when closed warded off the stormy seas. The present light was erected in 1961. The former keepers' bungalow sits across the road, and up on the hill above is the building which once served as dwelling and light. The former lantern room is on top. In years gone by, goods such as oil and personal supplies came to Medway Head via supply ship and they would then be delivered to the station by rowboat to a landing between two boulders.

Four different lighthouses have stood on Medway Head. The current structure can be found at 925 Long Cove Road in Port Medway. The lighthouse is about 7 minutes drive down this part paved, part unpaved road.

GPS 44.102944, -64.539806