There is nothing more iconic about Nova Scotia than our lighthouses. Queens County is home to many of these beacons that have guided sailors safely through our waters. Some of our lighthouses are still in active service, while others have been preserved for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. Please note, that during high tides and rough seas, extra precaution should be taken on the rocks surrounding the lighthouses. The ocean is unforgiving and waves can unexpectedly come in and pull people and their pets out to sea. If the rocks look dark, do not climb on them. If the seas are rough, keep a safe distance.

Explore Our Lighthouses

Information about the lighthouses of Queens County, with a detailed map is available. The ‘Explore Our Lighthouses’ brochure and more information can be had at the Liverpool Visitor Information Centre located at 32 Henry Hensey Drive on the waterfront.

GPS (Visitor Centre – approx): 44.039640, -64.717036