Built in 1980, the Museum was designed to represent a large warehouse from Liverpool’s Colonial days. Here you will discover the story of Queens County’s rich natural and human history. Delve into the history of the Mi’kmaq, the Privateers, our African Heritage, Shipbuilding, the Log Drivers and our involvement with the two world wars. Get your swashbuckle on, step on board the scale replica of the ‘Liverpool Packet’, and fire the cannon!

The Thomas H Raddall Research Centre is a haven for genealogists and is a treasured part of the museum with its early Township records from 1759, with details on many Mayflower families who eventually settled here. As part of the Research Centre you will find a faithful reproduction of the famed author’s study, using some of his own furnishings.

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Linda Rafuse – Curator
109 Main Street, Liverpool