Region of Queens Municipality

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Dr Henry S Farish (1834-1914) was the one of the early medical men in Queens and a beloved benefactor of Liverpool. He was the first doctor to have performed surgery using anaesthesia in this part of Nova Scotia and was also the first person to represent the County politically after Confederation in 1867. Dr Farish, who was born in Gibraltar and came to Liverpool from Yarmouth in 1858, was also an historian of note. His book, Reminisces of Liverpool, describes the town's early geography, dwellings and inhabitants. Dr Farish moved into this home in 1866. In a style usually reserved for churches, the building has elaborate trim under the eaves as well as other ornamentations. The door panels are the shape of lancet windows and the panes of coloured patterned glass in the sidelights and transom have managed to escape damage over the years.

GPS: 44.0396921,-64.7137432

144 Main Street, Liverpool, NS