Queens is the southern gateway to the UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere. Made up of five counties in the southwestern tip of Nova Scotia, the Biosphere is a “site of excellence” where economic and social development is balanced with the conservation of nature and culture.

Encompassing Queens, Shelburne, Yarmouth, Digby and Annapolis Counties, the Biosphere seeks not to impede development, but rather create an atmosphere where development is undertaken responsibly with a respect of the surrounding environment. The UNESCO Southwest Nova Biosphere has as its core the only National Park in Canada that is also a National Historic Site, Kejimkujik, as well as the Tobeatic Wilderness Area, a combined total of 142,000 hectares (350,890 acres) of mixed woods, barrens and wetlands. Integrating cultural and biological diversity, the Biosphere is a shining example of sustainable development practices that will ensure that generations to come will be able to appreciate the rich ecological and cultural tapestry of Southwest Nova Scotia.