Region of Queens Municipality

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Our climate is one of the most moderate in Canada, as we are warmed by the Atlantic Ocean and often miss those storms that hit the rest of the province. Slightly inland, Liverpool lies on the mouth of Mersey River and is well protected by Liverpool Bay, which regulates the temperature making it neither too cold nor too warm. Overall the climate of Queens County is considered humid temperate. Lakes make up 13% of our total area and we enjoy 220km of coastline. Snowfall is heavier inland than along the coast.

    Jan Mar May Jul Sep Nov
oC -4.6 0 10.8 19.3 14.7 4.3
oF 23.7 32 51.4 66.7 58.5 39.7
mm 177.6 161.8 118.7 93.5 117.6 177.1
inches 7 6.4 4.7 3.7 4.6 7