Region of Queens Municipality

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Nova Scotia is governed by a unicameral (one house) legislature, the Nova Scotia House of Assembly, operating in the Westminster system of government. The political party with the most number of seats forms the government and the leader of that party becomes Premier of the Province. After an election, the government can hold on to power for up to five years, however it is the prerogative of the ruling party to call an election before the end of the mandate should they wish. On occasion, a minority government will be elected, whereby no one party has won the majority of the seats in the Legislature, but the party with the most seats wins the right to rule. In such cases, and in times of controversial debate, it is common to hear the term "vote of no confidence". When a no confidence motion is put before the house and the ruling party loses this vote, the government is dissolved and an election is held. For more information on the structure and workings of the government of Nova Scotia, visit their website.