Region of Queens Municipality

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Canada is made up of 10 provinces and 3 territories. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa and is the home to the Canadian Government. Going from West to East, the provinces are:

  1. British Columbia
    • Capital city: Victoria. Largest city: Vancouver
  2. Alberta
    • Capital city: Edmonton. Largest city: Calgary
  3. Saskatchewan
    • Capital city: Regina. Largest city: Saskatoon
  4. Manitoba
    • Capital and largest city: Winnipeg
  5. Ontario
    • Capital and largest city: Toronto
  6. Quebec
    • Capital city: Québec City. Largest city: Montréal
  7. New Brunswick
    • Capital city: Fredericton. Largest city: Saint John
  8. Prince Edward Island
    • Capital and largest city: Charlottetown
  9. Nova Scotia
    • Capital and largest city: Halifax
  10. Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Capital and largest city: St. John's

Territories are different in that they have no inherent jurisdiction. That is to say that they do not exercise constitutional powers in their own right, rather they exercise those that are delegated to them by the Canadian Government.  The three territories in Canada are:

  1. Yukon
    • Capital and largest city: Whitehorse
  2. Northwest Territories
    • Capital and largest city: Yellowknife
  3. Nunavut
    • Capital and largest city: Iqaluit

For more information and history on Canada's provinces and territories, click here.