Region of Queens Municipality

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Schools in the Region of Queens Municipality are operated by the South Shore Regional School Board which offers a number of programs and services to ensure that the needs of all students are met. The School Board has 27 facilities ranging from elementary schools to adult high schools, including five transition and alternative programs for youth at risk.

Within the Region of Queens Municipality there are six schools:

  • Dr. John C. Wickwire Academy, Grades Primary to 5, Liverpool
  • Queens Adult High School (Transition Program), Grades 7 to 12, Liverpool
  • Greenfield Elementary, Primary1 to Grade 6, Greenfield
  • Liverpool Regional High School , Grades 9 to 12, Liverpool
  • North Queens School, Primary to Grade 12, Caledonia
  • South Queens Middle School,  Grades 6 to 8, Liverpool

Parents who wish to enroll their children can do so at the school level, or through the South Shore Regional School Board.  For more information on registering your child in Nova Scotia, visit the province's information page.