June 12, 2020: The time has arrived where we can begin to partially re-open Queens Place Emera Centre to the public. During the past three months, our staff have been completing maintenance, offering on-line fitness classes, and cleaning rigorously to prepare to safely re-open according to the required public health protocols. WE MISS YOU and are excited to see you all again soon. We are pleased to begin the re-opening with Phase 1 which will involve re-opening the fitness centre and indoor track effective Monday, June 22, 2020. The initial re-opening of the Fitness Centre will be for those who had current memberships or previously purchased punch cards at the time of the facility closure, while the indoor track will be open to both members and non-members. The majority of access in the Fitness Centre will be by appointment to ensure you will have a spot when you arrive and that we are able to maintain the required physical distancing requirements. All members who previously provided permission to be contacted by email will be provided the specific details regarding appointments and the new health and safety protocols that are being implemented early next week. Those who did not provide permission to be contacted by email can look for this information which will be posted on our website and social media pages, or can contact the facility directly.

Once we are able to successfully make this transition, we will then move to Phase 2 which will see fitness classes once again offered. This date will be set shortly after we are able to assess the effectiveness and compliance by users in Phase 1.

Phase 3 of our re-opening plan will involve the re-installation of the ice surface in early September. We have considered the public health protocols that will be required to safely open the ice surface, dressing rooms, washrooms, et cetera to various participants. Based on current public health directives limiting use to 10 people, requirements for physical distancing at all times, and the continuous vigorous cleaning and disinfecting required prior to and after each user group, we cannot guarantee the safety of users of these areas consistently throughout each day during the summer, while maintaining the rest of the building. We must not jeopardize the safety and well-being of our users and residents, and ask that everyone be understanding concerning these few months of inconvenience. Throughout the summer, we will work on facility ice usage protocols based on the constantly evolving Public Health Guidelines to ensure the safety of both staff and user groups upon re-opening this part of the facility.

Thank you to the many people that have called and emailed positive comments and support for our staff during this shutdown period. We hope when you re-enter that you will be as proud as our staff are of how fresh and new the facility looks. We know we will not get the re-opening perfect, but will modify our plans continuously as we evaluate your feedback. Thank you for your patience. Now get your sneakers cleaned off and welcome back!

QPEC Re Opening Announcement June 12 2020


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