Region of Queens Municipality

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 Click the link to see the current Tipping Fee Schedule as a readable pdf (or refer to the chart below):           Region of Queens Tipping Fee Schedule - 2023/2024

  1. Queens Residential fees noted as "no charge" shall be on the basis of four (4) visits in any one month with delivery in a non-commercial vehicle (and/or trailer) of less than one tonne capacity and delivered directly from each resident's household.

  2. Any loads that contain a partial content of a higher fee material will be charged at the higher fee for the entire load.

  3. Sorted Construction & Demolition Material fees will apply to separately delivered lumber, wood products, asphalt, or gypsum board.

  4. Compostable Organic Material fees will vary monthly as experienced by Queens direct cost of processing and trucking.

Tipping Fee Schedule 2023

Effective: April 1, 2023