Region of Queens Municipality

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Water Utility
The Region of Queens operates a water utility for distribution of safe and healthy water through a network of over 35km of pipes to over 1,100 households and businesses in the Liverpool and Brooklyn areas.

Source water is drawn from Town Lake in Milton and is treated at the South Queens Water Treatment Facility. Operators run both the facility and the distribution system with the support of supervisors, engineers and clerks.

The Water Treatment Facility uses dissolved air floatation technology to purify the water drawn from Town Lake. Opened in April 2008, the facility can produce 1,470 US gallons per minute of potable water - exceeding treatment standards.

For the safety of our residents, and in line with regulation, frequent testing is conducted. Microbiological samples are tested at the South Shore Regional Hospital, while all chemical samples are tested at an accredited lab.

Storm Water & Waste Water Management
The Region of Queens Municipality operates two waste water treatment facilities. The South Queens Waste Treatment Facility, constructed in 2000, consists of an aerated lagoon system capable of treating 3.2 million gallons per day of sewage. Material requiring treatment is piped through 40km of pipe via 19 pumping stations located throughout Liverpool, Milton and Brooklyn.

The second facility is located in Caledonia. Constructed in 1997, it uses a sequencing batch reactor and services homes in Caledonia. The sewage network consists of 5km pipe and 2 pumping stations. Operation of this plant is fully automated and is monitored through the Public Works Garage in Liverpool via remote operation software.

The Region of Queens Municipality provides all needed maintenance to streets, sidewalks, and curbs within the community limits of Liverpool as well as sidewalks and curbs in Milton, Brooklyn and Caledonia.  Click here for a Curb Cut Application and Agreement . Public Works provides maintenance to storm water, sanitary sewer, and potable water systems. During winter, roads and sidewalks within Liverpool and sidewalks within Caledonia are plowed and salted/sanded as necessary. To learn more about snow removal, please click this link . Public Works is also responsible for maintenance to municipally owned buildings, municipal garbage boxes, and numerous dry hydrants.

Capital Projects
Capital Projects consists of upgrades and new projects that are deemed necessary to the continued operation of the facilities and services offered to the residents of Queens by the Region of Queens Municipality. Examples include: new sewer and water installations, solid waste management upgrades, the South Queens Water Treatment Facility and Queens Place Emera Centre.