Region of Queens Municipality

Nova Scotia, Canada

The role of the Municipality's Building Official is to administer and enforce the Nova Scotia Building Code. He is with you at every stage of construction from issuing of the Building Permit right through to completion, dispassionately enforcing the Code, ensuring standards are met. You can reach the Building Official by calling 902-354-3455, or by clicking his name below to send him an e-mail.

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This category of permit is necessary for locating or relocating a mobile home within the Region of Queens Municipality under the provision of the Region of Queens Municipality's Mobile Home Bylaw.

Other requirements before a mobile/mini home permit is approved, if applicable:

Permits cost as follows: locating/relocating $30.00, concrete foundation $50.00. For more information, contact the Building Official at the number on the left.

Click here for a fillable PDF, which will need to be printed and signed before submission with the appropriate fee. This form cannot be e-mailed or faxed.

Occupancy permits are required:

  • to allow the initial occupancy of a building or part thereof;
  • when the occupancy classification of a building or part thereof is changed;
  • after alteration of a building

The Occupancy Permit Application is the same as the Building Permit application. The current fee for an occupancy permit is $0. Click here for the Building Permit Application.

If you are ready for your Final Inspection, click here for a checklist to ensure you have completed all the things you will need for a successful inspection, as well as copies of any reports the Inspector may need.

When the whole or any part of a building or structure is demolished, a permit is required prior to starting the demolition. For the permit, you will need to state how you will dispose of any debris, and the date of the proposed work.

Click here for a fillable PDF, which will need to be printed and signed before submission with the $20.00 Demolition Permit Fee. This form cannot be e-mailed or faxed.

Permits are a crucial part of the building and development process. They ensure that structures are safe, that they follow our Land Use Planning and they provide for proper checks and balances. There are five different permits available through the planning department of the Region of Queens Municipality. Our Building Official is a key player in your construction process and his guidance and oversight is key to overall safety.

Who needs a Development Permit? Anyone who wants to erect, construct, alter, replace, relocate or add to any structure (including advertising signs) and anyone who wants to make any change or alteration in the use made of land or structures in Queens County. You can apply for your Development Permit at the same time as your Building Permit, however the Development Permit must be approved first. All Development Permits are valid for twelve (12) months from date of issue. All communities in the Region of Queens Municipality are regulated by the Land Use Bylaw. For more information on this, please visit the Land Use Planning page in this section of the website.

Provincial Legislation sets out that within 30 days of receiving a completed application for a Development Permit, the Development Officer shall grant the Development Permit or inform the applicant of the reason for not granting the permit. However, turnaround time is usually 5 to 7 days.

The following permits may be required before a Development Permit can be issued:

  • Subdivision Approval (if applicable)
  • Under certain circumstances, application and approval of a variance in the requirements of the Land Use By-Law may be necessary prior to the issuance of a Development Permit.

Click here for a fillable pdf that will need to be printed and signed before submission with the $10 Development Permit fee. This form cannot be e-mailed or faxed.

Who needs a Building Permit? Anyone who wants to construct, erect, alter, replace, relocate, or add to any structure* and make any change or alteration to the use made of structures in the Region of Queens Municipality as outlined in the Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations.

*ALL structures require a Development Permit.

ALL decks require a building permit.

There are exemptions, per Section of the Nova Scotia Building Code Regulations 2017. The Code still applies, but a permit is not required for:

  • accessory building not greater than twenty (20) square meters (215.2 square feet), and;
  • interior and exterior non-structural materials, alterations, and material repairs with a monetary value of $5000 (five-thousand dollars) or less.


  • Complete ALL the required information, the Building Offical WILL NOT fill in missing information and the application will be returned to the applicant, resulting in delays
  • Read ALL the pages in the application
  • Attach any plans and insulation details
  • ALL fees are paid and marked with the receipt number on the application


You will be notified when the building permit can be picked up.

For complete requirements, the application form and the fee structure for Building Permits, click here for a PDF. The application form is a fillable form, however you must print off and sign the completed form and submit it with the required documentation to the Region of Queens with your payment. It cannot be e-mailed or faxed.  Click here for a breakdown of the current permit fees.

Click here for an application for Electrical Power Hook Up.

Click here for a Final Inspection Checklist.  


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