Region of Queens Municipality

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Hillsview Acres Home for Special Care is a Residential Care Facility owned and operated by the Region of Queens Municipality, licensed and funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Seniors and Long Term Care. Providing Level I care, Hillsview Acres is situated on a very large parcel of land in a beautiful country setting. Halfway between Liverpool and Caledonia on Highway 8, Hillsview has 29 beds.

Facility Features:


  • Hillsview Acres is a two-story residential care facility providing 24 hour supervision and care to 29 residents.  Resident rooms vary from private to shared accommodations.  One generously-sized dining room is shared by all residents.


  • Hillsview Acres is set on 95 acres and has a beautifully groomed 5 acres property outlined by a century old stone wall.  Sightings of wildlife around the property are a regular occurrence.  The facility has multiple decks which allow residents to socialize in small group programs outdoors, tend to the raised garden beds or to simply enjoy the fresh country air.


  • Hillsview Acres has a 12-seat wheelchair accessible bus available for resident social outings.  Residents enjoy day trips, dinner outings, shopping trips, movie nights, and visits to other facilities and special events.


  • Hillsview Acres, Home for Special Care was originally called the Home for the Aged and was built in the late 1800s.  The home was owned and operated by the Municipality of Queens.  In 2000, Hillsview Acres transferred from being under the funding of the Department of Community Services to the Department of Health and Wellness. in recent years, the Department of Health and Wellness was restructured, and the Department of Seniors and Long Term Care was created.  The facility has gone over extensive renovations since its first inception to keep it functional and accessible for all residents, family, and visitors to the building.  The facility was renamed Hillsview Acres in 1981.

Vision & Values

  • Hillsview Acres, with a resident-centred philosophy, strives to become more efficient and effective through ongoing quality improvement focus.  The care and services provided at Hillsview Acres are the results of an empowered staff, utilizing their expertise and continuously evaluating the improving care strategies.
  • Hillsview Acres commitment to their residents means that they:
    • Provide outstanding service and respond to needs in a timely and innovative manner.
    • Serve openly and honestly is a caring and compassionate environment of trust and respect.

For more information, to book a tour, or to inquire about residing at Hillsview, please contact Candice Weare, at 902-685-2966 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. OR contact the Continuing Care Intake Line, at 1-800-225-7225.