Region of Queens Municipality

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The staff of the Region of Queens Municipality is responsible for many things within Queens and, understandably, some common questions are asked.  We've put more detailed FAQs in those departments where many questions arise, but here is a summary of where to find what.  If you are looking for information on Queens Place Emera Centre, please visit their website at

Looking for?

  • information on your taxes and how to pay all bills issued by the Region of Queens?  Check out the Finance pages.
  • dates and times of upcoming Council meetings?  Council Calendar.
  • waste collection and recycling information?  Waste Management FAQ.
  • public works information?  Public Works FAQ.
  • permits and building inspections?  Planning.
  • administrative staff?  Check out our Staff Listing?
  • moving here from another part of Nova Scotia, Canada or the World?  Relocate FAQ.


If there is anything you are looking for and cannot find on the site, please let us know!  We will happily get you the information you need and will make adjustments here as necessary to make sure it can be better found in the future.  You can call us at 902-354-3453 or send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..