Region of Queens Municipality

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FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND PROTECTION OF PRIVACY Region of Queens Municipality is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP).  The Municipal Government Act – Part XX provides guidance and authority on municipal FOIPOP. Together, these pieces of legislation provide for Municipal transparency and accountability to the public, while protecting individual privacy rights and personal information.

Everybody has the right to access most recorded information held at Region of Queens Municipality. The legislation mentioned above also provides details on what information cannot be released to the public.


To request access to information, please complete the following form and pay the $5.00 application fee at Region of Queens Municipality Administration Building at 249 White Point Road, Liverpool, NS. Applications submitted by mail can be addressed to Angela Green, Administrative Assistant - Administration, 249 White Point Road, Liverpool NS B0T 1K0. Cheques payable to Region of Queens Municipality.

  FOIPOP Application


Once the application is received, it is reviewed by the Municipal Clerk to determine an estimated amount of time it will take to complete the request. This time estimate includes a cumulative time estimate of all municipal staff and Council members  involved.

The first two hours of searching for documents is provided at no charge as part of the application. A fee of $15 for each half hour of staff time is levied beyond those two hours. There may also be a printing fee of 20 cents per page. Any associated shipping or transportation fees associated with a FOIPOP request is also borne by the applicant.

When possible, decisions relating to FOIPOP requests are made within 30 days of receipt of application, but when needed, Region of Queens Municipality will extend the decision timeline in increments of 30 days.  ‘Receipt of application’ means the application has been received and all associated fees paid.

When possible, release of information relating to a third party is done within 60 days. This extended timeline is due to legislated waiting periods associated with this type of request.

Following the application being received and the initial two hours of search being completed, one of Three types of decision are made:

  1. Access in full: the entirety of the request is fulfilled
  2. Access in part: some of the information is released, and reasons to withhold information may be given
  3. Withheld in full: access to information is not granted and reason for withholding may be provided

If access is denied or the applicant or third party disagree with the decision, parties involved have the right to contact the Nova Scotia Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Review Office to request a review of decision.