Region of Queens Municipality

Nova Scotia, Canada

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We are dog friendly in Queens! With plenty of scooping bag dispensers, wide open parks and miles of trails, dogs and their owners are found all over the County. We only ask that your pooches be registered and that the Dog Bylaws be respected. For the complete Dog Bylaw, click here.

Did you know?
That parking is FREE on weekends in the Region of Queens?


Bylaw Enforcement in the Region of Queens is not only responsible for enforcing the Bylaws of the Municipality, but also various sections of the Municipal Government Act (such as Dangerous and Unsightly Premises), sections of the Motor Vehicle Act and Environment Act as well as Parking Enforcement with the community of Liverpool and overall Dog Control.


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Special Constable - Bylaw Enforcement Officer

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Deputy Clerk

249 White Point Road, PO Box 1264, Liverpool, NS, B0T 1K0

If you have a complaint regarding illegal dumping in the Region of Queens (in violation of Bylaw 13, Section 8), Dangerous or Unsightly Premises, or if you want to report an issue with a dog in the Municipality, please call the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 902-354-3455, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The Region of Queens Municipality has a zero tolerance policy on illegal dumping and we care about maintaining a safe and attractive environment for all.


There are no Impounded Dogs at this time. 

If you are the owner of an impounded dog, you will be subject to a fine upon the dog's release. An initial impounding fee of $25 includes the capture of the dog, preparation of notices and disposition of the dog. For every twenty-four (24) hour period or portion thereof that a dog is boarded at the pound a charge of $5 (five dollars) will be levied.

Parking tickets are issued for a variety of infractions in the Region of Queens. Fines vary from $10 to $100 for a first offense and offenders have two options upon receipt of a ticket.

Option 1 - Pay the ticket within 14 days. This is classified as a "Voluntary Payment - Guilty Plea". Fines can be paid in person during business hours at the Municipal Offices located at 249 White Point Road, Liverpool, or via mail to PO Box 1264, Liverpool, NS, B0T 1K0. The ticket must accompany the fine. Please do not send cash in the mail.


Option 2 - "Appear in Court - Not Guilty Plea". If you do not pay your ticket within 14 days a summons will be issued for you to appear in court. At this court hearing:

  1. The Justice will enter a conviction in your absence resulting in a fine
  2. On Motor Vehicle Charges, the Registrar of Motor Vehicles will not allow you to renew your license or permit until the fine is paid. In addition to the fine, a fee will be applied by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.
  3. The Justice may issue a warrant.

The Council of the Region of Queens Municipality adopts bylaws concerning various community issues in accordance with the Municipal Government Act of Nova Scotia. Bylaws require a first and second reading at least 10 days apart and must be advertised in the local media. The Region uses The Queens County Advance for advertising proposed and approved bylaw additions, changes, or deletions. Most bylaws come into effect when they are advertised as approved. During the proposal stage, members of the public may submit written comments either in support or opposition or appear in person on the day noted in the advertisement.

In a few cases, bylaws must be approved first by the Minister of Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations or other ministers such as the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal.

Various sections of the Municipal Government Act provide Council with bylaw making authority. Some of these are included in this section that lists the existing bylaws in Queens.

It is important to note that not all matters in Queens are under the jurisdiction of these bylaws, therefore if it isn't regulated in one of these bylaws, it does not follow that it is legal. The Municipal Government Act and hundreds of other provincial and federal laws supersede our bylaws. As a result, our bylaws only cover items not already regulated by those higher authorities.

Many of our bylaws are proclaimed under the Summary Proceedings Act of Nova Scotia which empowers our Bylaw Enforcement Officer to issue Summary Offense Tickets (SOTs) which is equivalent to that of a police officer issuing a speeding ticket at the moment of infraction and requiring the offender to appear in court on a specified date. This enhanced enforcement ability saves Queens' residents money that would have been spent on legal and other costs.


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