Region of Queens Municipality

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Municipal governments in Nova Scotia are enabled by legislation from the Province of Nova Scotia. Various laws and regulations give certain powers to municipalities to provide programs, services, and infrastructure to residents, businesses, and communities. These powers include the ability to collect revenue through property taxation based on the market value of each property.

Each municipality in Nova Scotia is free to provide its own unique set of services and infrastructure based on local needs and demands as long as the authority is provided from the province. In Queens County, much of our budget is consumed in providing or funding the following services: education, emergency services like police, fire emergency measures and ground search and rescue, engineering and public works for infrastructure such as water, sewer, storm water, streets in Liverpool only, sidewalks, crosswalks, solid waste management, and all municipally owned buildings and properties, streetlights, recreation, economic development, planning, building and fire inspection, bylaw enforcement including dogs, parking, and dangerous or unsightly premises, finance and administration, and Hillsview Acres Residential Care Facility.

Most items not listed above are provincial or federal jurisdiction and residents should call their Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) or Member of Parliament (MP) to inquire about their programs and services available to you. Most of the revenue collected by the provincial and federal government comes from income tax and sales tax.