Region of Queens Municipality

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COVID-19 Information Updates

** We recommend that the public follow the provincial website at for the most up to date information about the current status of the pandemic in Nova Scotia. 


This section of the webite is for reference only, and does not reflect the current situation of our area, now that Nova Scotia is in the 5th stage of the Provincial Reopening Plan.  It was intended to provide you with important information during the early stages of the pandemic.

Using the menu items on the left, you can find information on: 

  1. Municipal Updates. For information about the situation locally here in Queens County, including what measures Council have taken.

  2. Fact Sheets and General Info. For updates provided to Region of Queens Municipality by Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness, including fact sheets you can download, and infomation about where and how to register to get your vaccination.

  3. Support Programs and Business Info. For information on all the support programs being developed by municipal, provincial and federal government, including financial supports. Information also, from our local businesses as to how you can continue to support them through ordering online and delivery services.

  4. Frequently Asked Questions. We will answer your questions about the impact of COVID-19 on daily life in Queens County.

  5. No Internet? Contact Us. We realise that not all our citizens have access to the internet to be able to keep up-to-date with this information. If you know of residents without internet, you can request they receive an information pack, by calling Heather Cook, Communications Coordinator, at 902-354-3453.