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April 25, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Trails work in Queens County will progress in 2017, advancing non-motorized and shared-use trails throughout the county. Laura Barkhouse, Regional Trails Coordinator, provided an update to the Region of Queens Council on behalf of three Trails organizations in Queens County.

The Brookfield Mines Trails Association, the Queens County Rails to Trails Association and the Queens County ATV Association have all worked closely with Barkhouse, as they move their projects forward. She indicated that recent ACOA funding announcement for the Brookfield Mines Trails Association will allow the group to achieve significant progress in their multi-use trail construction, taking the project from Caledonia to Colpton. The 18 kilometre stretch of trail will have signage, gates, and benches installed this year. The Gold Mines Trail project was also funded in 2016/2017 in the amount of $5,000 by the Region of Queens Municipality’s Facility Development Major Category grant.

The work of the Queens County Rails to Trails Association has been progressing, and currently they are managing and maintaining a trail system that connects Brooklyn to Lunenburg County, Port Mouton to Shelburne County, and Summerville Beach to Silver Rock Drive. At present, portions of the trail construction are being completed, and planning and partnerships are ongoing. There are plans underway to include the Trestle Trail and the Trestle Trail Bridge in the trail system of the Queens County Rails to Trails Association. At present, planning is ongoing. There is a preliminary assessment planned for this summer to assess the structure, and route planning for connectivity is also underway. Based on the results of the assessment, fundraising will begin to support the construction needs identified. The group is optimistic that repairs could be completed in 2018. Barkhouse noted that prior to construction, community consultation will be part of the process.

Managing and maintaining the trail north from Brooklyn is the responsibility of the Queens County ATV Association. Currently, they are finalizing construction on this section of trail, and have established relationships with the Nova Scotia Departments of Natural Resources, Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal, and Environment. These partnerships are crucial in planning the further development of the trail system in Queens.
Shared use trails have significant impacts on communities, Barkhouse noted, citing examples such as increased opportunities for tourism and tourism businesses, jobs in rural areas to support trail users’ needs, enhanced recreational and leisure/quality of life for the community and visitors, spin off business for existing and developing businesses from trail building and maintenance, and others.

A well developed and maintained trails system is a benefit to a community. Barkhouse advised Council that the top searches for Queens County on the South Shore Connect website (southshoreconnect.ca), a website that provides information about recreation, leisure and services in communities on the South Shore, were primarily trails/walking routes related. Carter's Beach, Thomas Raddall Provincial Park, Queens Place Emera Centre, Queens Rails to Trails Association, and the Trestle Trail being among most frequently searched topics.

April 25, 2017; Liverpool, NS: As the weather warms, more and more people are getting outside and are looking for ways to be active. The Region of Queens Recreation Department can help keep you moving, all year long!

At the April 25, 2017 Regular Council meeting, Diana Johnson, Municipal Physical Activity Coordinator, reviewed plans for expansions to the Recreation Department’s Physical Activity in Box program, as well as efforts the Recreation Department has undertaken to work with groups and individuals to offer physically active events and activities on the Liverpool waterfront this summer.

“Privateer Park and Centennial Park on the waterfront in Liverpool are wonderful assets in our community. We are fortunate to have large green spaces in the heart of Liverpool, and Council would like to see the waterfront parks be a vibrant hub of activity,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “It would be great to have events scheduled in the parks every weekend, all summer long. There are many groups in Queens who could help bring this vision to reality.”

Johnson has been making connections with groups and individuals to offer physically active opportunities, and advised Council that she would be pleased to discuss opportunities with more groups and individuals. She may be contacted at the Region of Queens Recreation Department to discuss having an event. One time or recurring events such as volleyball, washer toss, frisbee, and others would be welcomed, but people are needed to organize and move them forward.

The Physical Activity in a Box loan program has been well used, and Johnson’s plans to expand the equipment available will provide many warm weather opportunities for fun. The Recreation Department will add Twister, giant Jenga, large format checkers, washer toss, tick tac toe, installation of a volleyball net, and an array of sports balls, such as footballs, volleyball, soccer balls, etc.

The Physical Activity in a Box program was one of the first actions of the Region of Queens Physical Activity Strategy developed in 2010, and was put in place to encourage active opportunities for all at no cost. Since 2010, each year the Recreation Department has added to the program, which has both warm weather and cold weather equipment. Ladder golf, parachute games, flag football, a gps for geocaching, and Nordic walking poles are warm weather items, and igloo making kits and snowshoes in a variety of sizes are cold weather items; all are available to borrow for a fully refundable deposit.

For more information about the Physical Activity in a Box items, or to contact Diana Johnson regarding offering physically active programs or events in the waterfront parks, please contact the Recreation Department at 902-354-5741.

April 11, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Advanced planning, careful scrutiny of forecasted expenditures, and a progressive approach to providing services has resulted in a budget which will see no increase in tax rates in the Region of Queens Municipality (RQM). On April 11, 2017, the RQM Council approved the 2017/2018 Operational, Capital and Water Utility Budgets during the regular Council meeting, maintaining the taxation rates set in the previous 2016/2017 budget.

“Holding tax rates during times of increasing costs is a challenge”, said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “Staff in all departments have worked very hard to reduce their budgets, and Council appreciates the efforts made to reduce costs, while providing key municipal services. We entered office with a mandate to maintain rates, and staff has worked diligently to achieve that goal.”

In January, 2017, RQM Council approved the following Strategic Priorities for their mandate:
o Grow the population and economy
o Deliver desirable Municipal services
o Govern to best municipal practices

Tax rates are calculated based on the cost of providing services required in a municipality. Council has control over some of these costs, but not all. The RQM determines expenses necessary for provision of Municipal services. Transfer payments for services in the Region, such as policing, education, assessment services, corrections, housing authority and road levy also make up a significant portion of the tax rate, but are set by Provincial calculations.

To include items that address and advance Council’s Strategic Priorities, several measures were undertaken. Along with a number of minor budget reductions across the entire budget from each department, other measures include a consolidation of the Recreation Department and Queens Place Emera Centre, and a reduction in administrative staffing. The standard of service delivery is not expected to be affected, as the responsibilities of the positions have been reallocated. Revenue and expenditure numbers for Queens Place Emera Center reflect changes due to additional events, while accomplishing deficit improvements. Funds from the prior years’ operating surplus have been allocated toward the roof replacement at the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre, with a matching contribution of $55,000 being funded thorough the Canada 150 Infrastructure Improvement fund.

There are a number of projects and initiatives reflecting the current priorities funded in this year’s budget. This spring/summer, the Mersey Skatepark and BMX Bike Trail Project will be completed, and open to the public. Work will progress on the Main Street and School Street infrastructure projects, a $2.1 million project funded jointly through the Federal Clean Water, Waste Water fund, Provincial funding, and the RQM. Work will continue to develop a solution for renewal or replacement of the Hillsview Acres facility. Council looks forward to increased employment at Port Mersey, and other locations in Queens County. Promoting population growth, accommodation facilities, tourism, and business infrastructure, will increase our economic stability and tax base. A revitalization and review of the Municipality’s Attraction and Municipal Planning Strategies is also planned.

Community support remains an important priority, and the 2017/2018 budget sees continued support to fire departments, community organizations through the Grants to Organizations program, Recreation Department Community grants program, and aquatics assistance training subsidy program. Tax exemptions for nonprofit community organizations and low income individuals will also continue.

Residential/resource rates
District 1 – 12 are $1.02/$100 Assessment (area rate in District 5 & 6 is $0.06)
District 13 (former Town of Liverpool) is $1.90/$100 Assessment

Commercial rates
District 1 – 12 are $2.12/$100 Assessment (area rate in District 5 & 6 is $0.06)
District 13 (former Town of Liverpool) is $3.00/$100 Assessment

The 2017/2018 Region of Queens Municipality's operating and capital budgets are posted online.

April 11, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Mobile food trucks will have access to a centralized location, reasonable fees and access to electrical service under an updated vending bylaw in the Region of Queens Municipality. At the Region of Queens Regular Council meeting on April 11, 2017, Council approved the first reading of Bylaw No. 16 – A Bylaw Respecting Vending, along with the installation of an electrical panel on the former Legion property on the Liverpool waterfront, which will be available for use by food truck vendors, as well as other activities and events on the waterfront. Bylaw No. 16’s updates will take effect following the second reading, scheduled for May 8, 2017.

Originally presented at the March 21, 2017 Committee of the Whole meeting, at that time Council had a number of comments, questions and concerns that were requested to be considered by staff when formulating a final version of the bylaw. Consultation with vendors and fixed roof food establishments in the Liverpool’s downtown area has resulted in modifications to the bylaw that are reflective of the options and input they provided, as well as the feedback from Councillors. It has been proposed that mobile food truck vendors wishing to sell in the downtown of Liverpool only will be situated in a central location on the Liverpool waterfront between Privateer Park and Centennial Park, known locally as the former site of the Legion. The mobile food truck vendors will have access to electrical service, if they desire, reducing noise from generators and their overhead costs.

Vending fees have also been adjusted to be more in line with those of other municipal units, with consideration made for festivals and events ($50 with a list of all vendors authorized to sell under their permit during the festival); vending licenses on a weekly ($25), monthly ($75) or annual ($150) basis; mobile canteen with electrical hookup ($100/month or $200/year); and an annual fee for a group of vendors ($200). Nonprofit groups and students who retain all profits from their sales are exempt from the fees when applying for a permit. Vendors and Mobile food truck vendors may vend between 6:30 a.m., and 11:30 p.m. daily. Vending permits may be issued at any point during the year, and expire on March 31 each year. The vending bylaw applies to vending on Municipal property only.

Overall, the updates to the vending bylaw should help improve the visitor and local experience on the Liverpool waterfront, while providing balance in responding to the needs of the mobile food trucks and the year round restaurant operators.

April 11, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Community organizations play an important role in Queens County, providing programs, services and recreational opportunities to residents and visitors alike. The Region of Queens Municipal Council voted to approve funding to support 14 groups under the Grants to Organizations program in the amount of $46,250 at the April 11 Regular Council meeting.

“Queens is fortunate to have a strong volunteer base, offering many programs and services in our community. These grants enable us to provide needed financial support to help them in doing what they do best,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “This year, the Grants to Organization selection was dealt with by all members of Council, while respecting conflict of interest issues. We met several times to assess, deliberate and come to a consensus on amounts allocated to the non profit groups.”

Among those who were successful in their applications under the Grants to Organizations funding are Farmers Market - North Queens Board of Trade, the Friends of Hank Snow Society, Liverpool Ukulele Ceilidh Society, Medway Area Communities Association, Mersey Band Society, Milton Heritage Society, North Queens Board of Trade, North Queens Heritage Society, Privateer Days Commission, Queens County Learning Network, Queens County Fair Association, Queens County Museum, Queens County Senior Safety Program, and Winds of Change Dramatic Society.
Eighteen applications were received for a total requested amount of $67,750.00; three applicants were referred to the Recreation Department’s funding programs, and one was not approved as it was not based in Queens County, which is part of the grant criteria.

The Grants to Organizations program accepts applications in January, with a deadline of the first Friday in February each year. The program’s purpose is to enable community groups to broaden the scope of their programs, in an effort to help build capacity for growth and sustainability of community groups.

April 7, 2017 – Liverpool, NS – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

The Brookfield Mines Trail Association, the Region of Queens Municipality and the Astor Theatre Society will improve their community infrastructure as a result of investments by the Government of Canada. These investments support the vitality of organizations that bring in visitors to the area and support entertainment, food service, accommodations and other hospitality businesses. Furthermore, these projects will result in local purchasing of supplies and will create jobs for local contractors in Queens County.

The Government of Canada is investing $173,496 in three projects through the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150). The support was announced today by Bernadette Jordan, Member of Parliament for South-Shore – St. Margaret’s, on behalf of the Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for ACOA.

An $81,000 contribution will help the Brookfield Mines Trail Association (BMTA) to undertake upgrades to the Gold Mines Trail - an18-kilometre shared-use trail that stretches between Caledonia and Colpton. The Gold Mines Trail is ideal for walking, cycling, skiing, ATV, and snowmobile use.

The funding will assist with brush clearing, installation of regulatory signage and gates, repairing sections of trail surface and completing construction of smaller bridges. The Province of Nova Scotia, through the Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage and the Off-Highway Vehicle Infrastructure Fund, has provided a combined contribution of $60,000 towards this project. The Region of Queens Municipality has also provided $5,000 in support.

A $55,263 contribution will also assist the Region of Queens Municipality replace the roof of the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre, in order to stabilize this important heritage property. The Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre is attached to the Astor Theatre and is also home to the Acadia First Nation’s Sipuke’l Gallery and other exhibit spaces.

Additionally, a $37,233 contribution is being provided to the Astor Theatre Society to complete upgrades to the main area and balcony seating. The theatre is the oldest performing arts venue in Nova Scotia. In 1917 when silent films were first introduced, this is where people came to the movies. During World War II, the cinema regularly featured war documentaries and newsreels.

The Astor Theatre / Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre is an important community hub in Liverpool which attracts large events such as the Liverpool International Theatre Festival the Privateer Days Commission. Additional support for this renovation project came from a donation of 435 lightly-used theatre seats from the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.



“Upgrading local cultural and recreational assets helps attract tourists, supports small businesses, and ensures that these community resources are accessible to the residents of Queens County for many years to come. We want to help build a better Canada—one with a thriving middle class. Projects such as these support the Government of Canada’s goals.”

- The Honourable Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister responsible for ACOA

“The Astor Theatre/Liverpool Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre and the Gold Mines Trail are important components of the cultural heritage and ongoing vibrancy of Queens County. The Government of Canada is pleased to support recreational and cultural infrastructure projects such as these that contribute to residents’ quality of life and encourage visitors to stay longer, and explore what our area of Nova Scotia has to offer”           - Bernadette Jordan, Member of Parliament for South-Shore – St. Margaret’s

“These are the types of community groups that are important to the fabric of the South Shore. Whether it be active lifestyle, active transportation or the arts – these projects will enhance opportunities and further promote our region as a great place to live, work and play.”  - Mark Furey, Business Minister and Lunenburg West MLA

“The Canada 150 Infrastructure funding will make a lasting impact in our community in many ways. We are pleased to be a recipient of funding, along with the Brookfield Mines Trail Association and the Astor Theatre Society, both of whom will be able to complete significant work. Trail improvements in North Queens for motorized vehicles and physical activity, and connecting theatre audiences to rich arts and cultural experiences are appreciated enhancements for Queens County. Replacing the roof of the historic Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre will ensure that the Town Hall Arts and Cultural Centre continues as a hub of downtown Liverpool, providing a home for numerous artists and cultural organizations for many years in the future.” - David Dagley, Mayor, Region of Queens Municipality

“Recreation and tourism is the future for rural communities in the South Shore of Nova Scotia in so many ways. With the help of ACOA and other Government agencies we plan to revitalize and expand our existing infrastructure to encourage good health and economic growth within our communities. We understand that we have a unique natural/historical landscape that attracts people from all around the world, and we are working as a community to make that accessible to all." - Hugh Kind, Chair, Brookfield Mines Trail Association

“The Astor Theatre Society is grateful to the National Arts Centre in Ottawa for their kind donation of 435 seats and ACOA for their assistance. For over 100 years, the theatre has improved the quality of life for residents and has been a source of community identity and pride. This investment will ensure the Astor Theatre continues as a cultural, social, and economic centrepiece of the South Shore for years to come.”             - Michael Boudreau, Chairman, Astor Theatre Society

“We were pleased to donate the National Arts Centre’s Southam Hall seats to help the historic Astor Theatre. This investment will further extend the life of the Astor Theatre, and contribute to the performing arts community in Liverpool, Nova Scotia.” - Diane Lemire, Executive Assistant to the President and CEO's Office, National Arts Centre


The Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP150) is providing up to $300 million nationally over two years to support projects to rehabilitate, renovate and expand community and recreational infrastructure as part of the Government of Canada’s activities to honour Canada’s 150th anniversary of Confederation. The program is expected to boost economic activity through infrastructure investments, build community-based partnerships, and support the Government of Canada’s commitment to promote a clean-growth economy and ensure a better future for Indigenous peoples.

April 7, 2017; Liverpool, NS: Queens Place Emera Centre and the Region of Queens Municipality are pleased to announce that Kentville, NS native Kevin Davison will take the stage to open for Tom Cochrane and Red Rider this June 28! The June 28th show at Queens Place Emera Centre is the only show Cochrane and Red Rider will perform in Nova Scotia.

Davison’s star continues to rise on the music scene and it may be noted that he is ‘Making Music and Saving Lives’. Jumping into the music scene with both cowboy-booted feet in 2009, he found himself in Nashville within a year in recording sessions with some of the best musicians in North America. With a career as a paramedic in his small hometown of Kentville, NS under his belt, Davison has recently made the switch from full time paramedic to a full time musician. He has dedicated his life to helping others while always carrying a tremendous passion for music.

Life’s journey has brought him to a place in time where music is taking a front seat. Davison has been nominated twice by Music Nova Scotia and the East Coast Music Association for country recording of the year, over the past few years. He was also nominated last year at the Josie Music Awards in Nashville, and was also chosen as one of six country acts to participate in the Atlantic Discovery Program in 2015 with the Canadian Country Music Association.

Davison has had a whirlwind year, from performing at the late Constable Wynn's funeral in Alberta for 8,000+ first responders, the Prime Minister and a tv viewership of over 5 million; to hitting the Cavendish Beach Music Festival stage in Charlottetown, PEI and the first annual Canaan Country Music Festival with Brett Kissel.

His first single from his latest album, Only Human (released April 30th, 2015) was added to over 45 mainstream stations nationwide, and he has been featured on numerous radio stations, and television broadcasts - from Canada AM to CTV News and what seems like everything in between.
In February of this year (2017), Davison released the highly anticipated video for his single "When Those Sirens Are Gone." After six weeks, he received hundreds of messages from first responders around the world about the seriousness of PTSD, and has a whopping 225,000 views on YouTube.

Davison will be traveling from coast to coast in Canada and to the USA for shows in 2017. "I love where my career as a musician has ended up. I can play high energy country shows and still, at times, talk about my long career as a paramedic. I really have the best of both worlds", he said.
Tickets for Tom Cochrane and Red Rider with opening act Kevin Davison are on sale now at the Box Office, Queens Place Emera Centre or www.ticketpro.ca 1-888-311-9090. Get them soon they won’t last long! Celebrate Canada Day week in Liverpool NS.

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March 28, 2017; Liverpool, NS: The former Mill Village school will soon be filled with the sounds of youth eager to learn. The Council of the Region of Queens Municipality have agreed to enter into a purchase and sale agreement with the DEVI International Boarding School Society, in a move that will see the property transferred for a price of $1.00.

“Council is open to innovative ideas that will move our community forward, and the DEVI International Boarding School is a unique school for this part of the province,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “Among the members of the board of the Society are Marcel and Mary Kuhn, community members who have operated a business in Liverpool, and helped to make a difference in the community through their offerings of free meditation for over a decade. We look forward to their success in this new venture.”

The DEVI International Boarding School Society is a non-profit society formed for the purpose of opening an international boarding school. The former Mill Village School will be renovated to house approximately 40 students in grades 6 to 10. The school will follow the Nova Scotia curriculum, with a special focus on the development of empathy, compassion and spiritual values, as developed by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. The school is unique, and has already gained interest as expressed by families from around the world. It is expected that the project will require an investment of approximately $200,000 by the Society to upgrade the property, and will provide an annual operating budget of $350,000 to $400,000 benefitting the local economy. The school is expected to initially support 7 or 8 full time jobs, along with volunteer support from Canada and overseas.

Next steps for progressing the project are to have the purchase and sale agreement signed; the property migrated; and preparation, execution and recording of the deed. The transaction is expected to close on or before May 31, 2017, with the DEVI International Boarding School Society projecting operations starting by December 21, 2018.

March 28, 2017; Liverpool, NS: The Region of Queens Municipality and the Queens Community Aquatic Society are continuing to examine the potential for an indoor community pool. At the February 14, 2017 Regular Council meeting, Council approved a motion to:
1. Continue to work with the Queens Community Aquatic Society to develop a budget and business plan for an indoor pool project, including construction and operation, and return to Council for final consideration;
2. Commit to the development of the pool project as the priority recreation infrastructure capacity building project, including the deferral of all new funding commitments for new recreation services or recreation infrastructure, until the final decision to proceed or not is made; And,
3. Continue to inform and engage with the public on program and facility design, budget development, and financial implications.

At the March 28, 2017 Meeting, the following updates were provided:
• A project webpage will be available in early April on the regionofqueens.com website with all background information on the work to date for the public to view;
• A public solicitation for information (called a Request for Information) on pool builders and suppliers will be issued soon to provide the group better information on project options and costs.

The QCAS is a nonprofit organization formed in 2015 by residents with a vision and commitment to bringing a pool to Queens, which was in the original Queens Place Emera Centre design. The Council of the Region of Queens Municipality and QCAS has had ongoing meetings to discuss the possibilities and develop the information required for a sound community decision regarding whether or not to make a commitment to building and operating an indoor community pool.

March 14, 2017; Liverpool, NS: The Financial Conditions Index (FCI) report for the Region of Queens shows several areas in which the Region of Queens has out-performed the Rural Municipality Threshold in addition to surpassing the average of other areas also classified as Rural; these are known as “Green” rankings. There were also several “Yellow” rankings, areas in which the municipality is meeting the Rural Municipality Threshold, but is below the Rural Municipalities group average. There were only three indicators of the 15 areas that ranked “Red”, indicating that it does not meet the indicator threshold.

The indicators with a “Red” ranking are the Municipality’s uncollected taxes, 3-year change in tax base, and commercial property assessment. The Region of Queens has a higher than average percentage of uncollected taxes and have taken measures to work with residents to set up payment arrangements. In those instances where taxes remain unpaid for an extended period, or if payment arrangements have been unsuccessful, the Municipality places the property up for tax sale and therefore, this balance of uncollected taxes has been slowly declining over the past few years. The commercial property assessment and 3-year change in tax base indicators reflect minimal changes in commercial and residential assessment values.

Indicators in which the Region of Queens showed strength and surpassed the Rural Municipality Threshold were in the Budget Dimension, as well as the Debt & Capital Dimension. The Region of Queens plans for future projects through establishing budgeted reserve funds for upcoming projects. This allows the Region of Queens to reinvest in capital projects and infrastructure without exceeding reasonable debt capacity.

According to the Nova Scotia Municipal Affairs website, the FCI was designed as an early warning sign and provides a quick financial snapshot for each municipality, but is not meant to be a comprehensive assessment of performance for a municipality.

March 10, 2017; Liverpool, NS: 2017 is the year of great Canadian entertainment at Queens Place Emera Centre in Liverpool, NS. Eight time Juno award winning band the Barenaked Ladies will perform at Queens Place Emera Centre on Friday, October 20th, as part of their Canada 1 Five 0 Tour. VIP tickets will go on sale on Wednesday March 15 at 10 a.m. Atlantic time, and regular ticket sales will open at 10 a.m. Atlantic time on Friday, March 17, 2017.

“We are very pleased to be included in the Barenaked Ladies Canada 1 Five O Tour. The Barenaked Ladies are very well known in North America and around the world, so we expect this to be a very popular concert,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “2017 is a really exciting year for music lovers with the Barenaked Ladies coming to Queens Place in October, and Tom Cochrane with Red Rider coming on June 28.”

Known for their energetic style, New York Times pop critic Jon Pareles once described their performances as “It’s not easy to be hyperactive, brooding and whimsical all at once ... but the Barenaked ladies do just that”. Their music has been a near constant presence on the radio, with hits throughout their lengthy career, such as “If I had a Million Dollars”, “Pinch Me”, “One Week” and “Big Bang”. The Barenaked Ladies have been together for nearly 30 years, and have produced 14 studio albums, which have collectively sold more than 14 million copies. Among their awards are 8 Junos, which include Group of the Year in 1993; Children’s Album of the Year in 2009 for Snack Time!; Best Pop Album and Best Group, both in 2001; and an impressive triple win in 1999 for Best Group, Best Pop Album and Best Single. They have earned multiple Grammy nominations, and a US chart topping single with “One Week”, as well as the theme song for one of television’s most popular shows, The Big Bang Theory.

“The Region of Queens continues to gain momentum in event acquisition and execution. Led by a number of volunteer organizations, you’ll have the privilege to see former NHL greats at the Montreal Canadien Alumni Game March 30, and exciting Junior B playoff hockey – with your Liverpool Privateers- going on right now! Your first South Shore Expo Home/Sport and Travel trade show is brought to you by Darwin Event Group May 5-7, and in August, we’re happy to have the Hank Snow Tribute featuring Lisa Brokop, executed by passionate volunteers working hard on your behalf! Top that resume off with events coordinated by Queens Place, such as the Maritime Broomball Championships April 28 – 30 , Tom Cochrane and Red Rider June 28, RQM Canada Day celebrations July 1st and now Barenaked Ladies on their Canada 1-FIVE-0 Tour on October 20. Something for everyone to enjoy at Queens Place Emera Centre take in some of these simply extraordinary experiences,” said Steve Burns, General Manager of Queens Place Emera Centre.

The Barenaked Ladies will perform at Queens Place Emera Centre on Friday, October 20th, 2017; doors open at 7 p.m., and the concert will begin at 8 p.m. VIP packages for the concert will go on sale on Wednesday March 15 at 10 a.m. Atlantic time (available for purchase on Ticketpro.ca and at Queens Place, starting at $115 plus ticket pricing plus tax and fees), and regular ticket sales will open at 10 a.m. Atlantic time on Friday, March 17, 2017 (Gold seating is $59.50 plus tax and fees and Regular seating is $49.50 plus tax and fees). Tickets are available in person at Queens Place Emera Centre, 50 Queens Place Drive, Liverpool, NS; at Ticketpro outlets; online at Ticketpro.ca; or by calling 1-888-311-9090.


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Updated - March 13, 2017: Please note that the section of School Street from Waterloo Street to Church Street is closed to all but local traffic effective immediately as work progresses on the Main Street and School Street Rehabilitation project.  We regret any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate the public's patience as we progress in this important infrastructure work.


March 3, 2017; Liverpool, NS: The Main Street and School Street Rehabilitation Project will begin in Liverpool, NS on Monday, March 6, 2017 and continue through to the fall. The project consists of repairing deteriorated and broken sewer and water mains, storm drainage and sidewalks on Main Street from Reese St. to School Street, and proceeding along School Street from Main Street to Waterloo Street.

Beginning on Monday, March 6, 2017, the public is advised to expect delays when traveling along Main Street and School Street near the work zone, as traffic will be rerouted around the construction.

Traffic control will be in place to re-route traffic in work areas. Work areas will be open to local and emergency traffic only. Garbage collection in affected areas will occur as normal. School Bus routes will remain unchanged. The Region of Queens Municipality will co-operate to the greatest degree possible to allow pedestrian and vehicular access to homes and businesses in the construction area.