Region of Queens Municipality

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February 26, 2015, Liverpool, NS: After more than 31 years working in municipal government, Region of Queens Municipality Chief Administrative Officer Kathleen Rafuse has announced her upcoming retirement. She will retire in August, 2015.

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Kathleen in both of my terms as Mayor, and can honestly say that she is a very competent person, and she will be missed by Council, staff and those who have worked with her in other areas," said Christopher Clarke, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. "Kathleen has been instrumental in moving many projects and initiatives forward for our community. The opening of Queens Place Emera Centre, and the focus on business development have brought new challenges to our municipality. Kathleen has played a very large role in moving these types of initiatives ahead. She played a huge part as we re-invent ourselves as a Region, both with new undertakings and modifying the standing ones to fit into the new Queens."

Starting her career in 1984 with the Municipality of Queens, Rafuse has been CAO of the Region of Queens Municipality since 2011, and before that she was Director of Finance from the time the Region was formed in 1996.