Region of Queens Municipality

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Jan. 28, 2015, Liverpool, NS:  CelluFuel, an innovator in alternate fuel technology development, is taking applications for the lead position in its start-up operation, located at Port Mersey Commercial Park in Brooklyn, Queens County.  The Lead Operator/Technician position will be the first job created at the plant, and this person will work with the Project Manager to oversee the construction and start-up of the plant.  It is expected that four to five additional positions will be hired in spring of 2015.

"It is exciting to hear this news.  There has been much anticipation in the time since CelluFuel announced that they would locate the demonstration stage of their operations here in Brooklyn," said Christopher Clarke, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.  "It took time to get equipment manufactured, and their investors and financing lined up, but now that those things are in place, the community will notice things starting to move quickly.  It is exciting to see the first of the jobs posted."

CelluFuel was the first company to announce they would set up operations in the former Bowater Mersey site, when the province of Nova Scotia began developing a portion of the 80+ acre site as the Innovacorp Demonstration Centre in 2012.  The company has an exclusive license to develop the production of synthetic renewable diesel fuels from wood fibre.  On Sept. 3, 2014,  the company CEO Chris Hooper, along with investors and representatives, announced that they had secured the nearly $5 million required get the company operational, and projected that the equipment would be arriving in Nova Scotia in the first half of 2015 with start-up of the project beginning shortly thereafter.

"We are excited to make this first of what we expect to be several job postings for this project," said Chris Hooper, CEO of CelluFuel Inc. "We have worked tirelessly to make this project a reality and it is now fully underway. We believe that the wealth of experience within the community will be a critical component of our future success."

The job posting for the Lead Operator/Technician can be seen on the South Shore Opportunities website.  The successful candidate will be involved in the establishment of this project in the early stages, and will be trained at the technology provider's facility in Europe.

The CelluFuel plant in Brooklyn will be a first of its kind in Canada, and is targeted to produce 1.25 million liters per year of high-quality diesel fuel.  The project brings an innovative opportunity for the development of the forestry industry and rural economic development in Nova Scotia in a clean, renewable and sustainable manner.