Region of Queens Municipality

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January 8, 2015, Liverpool, NS:   Mersey Point Fish Products of Port Mouton is back in operation after a five month shut down necessary because of the unavailability of suitable fish this past summer.  For nearly 34 years, Mersey Point Fish Products has been making smoked, salted and marinated seafood that has brought the flavours of Nova Scotia to the world, and has a new product planned for 2015.

"We are so pleased they're back in business. They're a great company that makes very good products, and provide much needed jobs in West Queens," said Christopher Clarke, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality.  "To operate a globally known business that has been successful for over 30 years, speaks volumes about the quality of their seafood, and the service they provide their customers."

"We use the freshest product, buying all our fish from well-managed, registered companies.   Our Solomon Gundy is made from locally caught herring," said Robert Mutsaers, owner/director of Mersey Point Fish Products. "In July of last year, we were unable to obtain suitable fish for our production, causing a shut down.  We started production again in December, and are pleased to be back operating at full capacity."   Herring, mackerel and haddock are caught in the North Atlantic; the salmon used is raised in the Bay of Fundy and the other fish used are sourced from registered suppliers from all over the world; Mutsaers advises that the origin of Mersey Point Fish Products' fish can be traced from the moment it was caught to the time it reaches the plant.  Mersey Point Fish Products is a Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HAACP)-approved processing operation.

Mutsaers' parents, Cornelis and Anne, immigrated to Canada from the Netherlands with their three sons in 1981.  Soon after arriving in Mersey Point adjacent to Liverpool, they opened a home-based cottage industry, using their traditional Dutch recipes for preparing fish, and named the company Mersey Point Fish Products.  It has been 34 years and the company is now under the direction of their son Robert and his wife Pamela, who have expanded the operations to its current base, a modern 6,000 square foot processing plant located in Port Mouton, with a team of 14 employees preparing such well known treats and favorites such as Solomon Gundy; smoked salmon, herring, trout and haddock; and Matjes Herring.

"In the New Year, we are really hoping to have at least one new product launched, not only in the States, but locally as well," said Mutsaers.  He hinted that it would be based on Solomon Gundy, their flagship product in Canada.

Mersey Point Fish Products is a family owned company, producing products that are 100% natural and are prepared without using preservatives or additives. The brand is well known across Canada, as it is carried by the Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore chains, as well as the Metro Stores in Ontario, and throughout the United States; their products are also available in independent stores and restaurants throughout Nova Scotia, and other locations in the Maritimes. Mersey Point Fish Products ship their fish worldwide, to Europe, Asia, and North America.   There is a factory outlet on site with products available to purchase, or call ahead to place an order.  The plant and factory outlet are located at 36 Breakwater Road, Port Mouton, phone 902-683-2150.