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Costly repairs to the parking meters in Liverpool will soon be reduced, as meters will be modified to accept coins and tokens only.  At the June 11th meeting of the Region of Queens Municipal Council, a motion was passed to install payment card slot blockers and to reimburse any outstanding balance remaining on active parking meter payment cards.

The meters were installed in 2009, and have the ability to accept coin, tokens or preloaded payment cards. "Unfortunately, repairs to the meters had to be made when people mistakenly put coins in the card reader slot, which cost more than $100 per repair", said Mike MacLeod, Planner. "Installing the payment card slot blockers will prevent some of the issues we have been experiencing."

Anyone who purchased a payment card and still has a balance on it will be able to get a refund for the balance remaining. Card may be brought to the Region of Queens Municipal Office at 249 White Point Road. MacLeod noted tokens may still be used in the meters and that they may be purchased at the Municipal office. 

It is expected that the modification of the meters will be completed by July 19, 2013.


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