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PRESS RELEASE March 15, 2013

For Immediate Release:

Improvements Made to Council Chambers

It is quiet and still ... but not for long. After over a month of renovations, the revamped Region of Queens Municipality's Council Chamber is ready for its first Council meeting on Monday, March 18 at 9:15 a.m. On Friday afternoon, the finishing touches were completed, with the tables and chairs moved back into place, the pictures of all the former mayors re-hung, flags mounted on their poles and positioned appropriately and the historic mace, presented many years ago to the former Town of Liverpool by Sir Eric Bowater, has been placed in its traditional spot directly in front of the Mayor's desk; all is ready for the first meeting.

"There were a number of issues that we wanted resolved with the renovation of the Council Chamber," said Mayor Christopher Clarke. "First and foremost, there was a longstanding problem that the configuration of the Council Chambers made it a difficult for the public to hear what was being said by Council. As well, there have been more digital presentations, and our past layout was not suited to viewing the presentations. Additionally, with the reduction in the number of Councillors in last Fall's Municipal election from nine to seven, there were extra seats and wasted space. The Council Chamber is now a more useable space, and most importantly, the public can see and hear what is taking place in Council."

In addition to reconfiguring the seating of the Councillors and moving the presentation area, both of which improved the visibility of presentations and the acoustics of the room, a few other improvements were made as well. The public Gallery has been made accessible
with the addition of a ramp. The press area has been moved to an area in which they can see and hear well.

"The last renovations to the Council chambers took place around the time of amalgamation in 1996," said Mayor Clarke, "We are confident that the changes we have made will make a more convenient, accessible and "open to the public" space for this and many, many Councils over upcoming years."

The regular Council Meeting of the Region of Queens Municipality's Council will be held on Monday, March 18, at 9:15 a.m. at the Region of Queens Municipal Office, 249 White Point Road, Liverpool. Council meetings are held on the third Monday of each month, and Committee of the Whole meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month. The public are welcome and encouraged to attend.


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Mayor Christopher Clarke
Region of Queens Municipality