Region of Queens Municipality

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May 17, 2023, Liverpool, NS: Affordable housing is needed in Queens County, and the volunteers of Queens Neighbourhood Co-operative Housing Ltd. (QNCH) are working to fill that need, with generous support from Region of Queens Municipality’s Council. Funding in the amount of $203,200 was approved in the Region of Queens Municipality’s 2023-2024 operating budget for QNCH to complete predevelopment work for 26 affordable housing units to be constructed in Liverpool.

The Municipal funding will help to cover work such as project management fees, architectural drawings, engineering fees (civil, structural, electrical, & mechanical), landscape architect, and class b costing, as well as initial site clearing, road access excavation and test pits on the site of what is anticipated to be a development that will be around $6 million.

“Council is pleased to support this much needed affordable housing project, and greatly appreciate the hard work and passion the members of Queens Neighbourhood Cooperative Housing Ltd. have for this project. As Queens County’s population grows, there is an increasing need in all areas of Queens for all types of housing. The vision of Queens Neighbourhood Co-operative Housing Ltd. to proceed with a project of this magnitude is commendable! Region of Queens Municipality is happy to provide funds and land to help move this important build forward,” said Mayor Darlene Norman.

In November, 2022, Council approved the sale of 4 adjoining lots bounded by Lawrence St., Trestle Trail, Amherst St., and the Queens St. extension to QNCH for $1.00. In the months since the approval of the land sale, Board members of QNCH have met with Housing Nova Scotia, CMHC, the Community Housing Transformation Centre and other agencies, and have applied for provincial and federal grants, as well as funding from non-governmental organizations.

“The non-profit housing co-operative was a spin-off of Queens Care Society, an advocacy group for seniors”, says Patti Pike, President of Queens Neighbourhood Co-operative Housing Ltd. “We have a focus on seniors but recognize that people of all ages are finding it challenging to find quality homes. This affordable, energy efficient and barrier-free build will provide intergenerational and inclusive spaces for Queens County residents.”

“Without the significant support and confidence of Mayor Norman, Council and administration of the Region, we wouldn’t be in a position to begin a build. Our MLA and the Department of Housing and Municipal Affairs have been there as well since the beginning. With our dedicated consultants from Inclusive Homes Consulting, and the dedicated volunteers on the Board and committees, we are confident that we can provide affordable housing for people in Queens County,” said Pike.

QNHC Board with Mayor Norman and Inclusive Homes Consulting

Pictured accepting the cheque from Mayor Norman are Queens Neighbourhood Co-operative Housing Ltd. (QNCH) board members and representatives of Inclusive Home Consulting. 

Left to right: Susan MacLeod (QNCH), Randi Dickie (QNCH), Eric Goulden (QNCH), Lorna MacPherson (QNCH), Henri Frielink (QNCH), Janice Wentzell (QNCH), Patti Pike (President of QNCH), Mayor Darlene Norman, and from Inclusive Home Consulting, Earl Mielke and Michael Blair.