Region of Queens Municipality

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Thursday, March 4, 2021; Liverpool, NS:  Eligible voters in Region of Queens Municipality’s Assessment District #7 voted in opposition to the area rate request made by Seaside Recreation and Community Centre. On March 3, 2021, eligible voters in the communities of Beach Meadows, Eagle Head, East Berlin, West Berlin, and Port Medway were given an opportunity to vote on a request from Seaside Recreation and Community Centre Association to levy a four cent per $100 of assessment on all assessment accounts in Assessment District 7 beginning in 2021 for five years. The vote is not binding.

The total voter turnout was 223 people, with 30 Yes votes, 192 No votes, and 1 rejected and spoiled ballot. 

“Community halls are the backbone of the 53 communities within Queens and they require support from those who live within their area.  Volunteers are required to assume the responsibilities as board and committee members.  Help is also needed to organize, work at and attend events and fundraisers. The donation of money, when one is able, is also important.  All of these things are required to keep any community hall operational,” said Darlene Norman, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. “Yesterday saw a plea for help from the board of Seaside Centre, as illustrated by their request for an area rate. While the outcome of the vote was not what the group wished for, it is a clear indication that people in the area are unwilling to use area rates as a method to keep this hall operating.  Now that it is known what challenges Seaside faces, it is my hope that people in the community who do believe in the benefits of maintaining a community centre will make themselves known. Seaside Centre is a beautiful community centre that has seen intensive improvements since its day as “District #7 Consolidated School” thanks to the hard work of present and past volunteers.  Seaside is at a crucial point and needs your help.”

The next step of Seaside Recreation and Community Centre’s request is to bring the matter before Council for discussion and a decision, prior to the 2021 -2022 Municipal budgets being set.