Region of Queens Municipality

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Winter weather conditions are here, and with the colder temperatures, it is time to start thinking about snow - winter parking are now in effect.

Motorists are reminded that Winter Parking restrictions are now in place. Section 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act states that vehicles may not park or interfere in any way with snow removal or sanding/salting, and that those who do, may be towed at the owners expense.

When removing snow from your property, remember that snow may not be shoveled or plowed onto streets or sidewalks (place it elsewhere on the property it was removed from, or haul it away, and dump in an appropriate location), as per Section 318 of the Municipal Government Act, Province of NS.

Questions? Call Municipal Bylaw Enforcement at (902) 354-3455 or Region of Queens Municipality's Traffic Authority at (902) 354-3453.

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