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October 29, 2020; Liverpool, NS:  The seventh Council of the Region of Queens Municipality officially took office at a swearing-in ceremony on Thursday, October 29, 2020.  The Swearing in ceremony is part of the first Council meeting of the newly elected Council, and once they have taken the oath of office, they become members of the Region of Queens Municipality’s Council. 

Darlene Norman was sworn in as the Region of Queens Municipality’s seventh Mayor, along with councillors in seven districts during the ceremony.  The 2020 – 2024 Council includes Mayor Darlene Norman, District 1 Councillor Kevin Muise, District 2 Councillor Ralph Gidney, District 3 Councillor Maddie Charlton, District 4 Councillor Vicki Amirault, District 5 Councillor Jack Fancy, District 6 Councillor David Brown, and District 7 Councillor Carl Hawkes.

Following the swearing in of the Council members, the first order of business approved by Council was the election of the Deputy Mayor.  Councillor Muise, District 1, and Councillor Fancy, District 5, were nominated by their peers, and Councillor Muise was elected by a majority vote to be Deputy Mayor.  The term of office for Deputy Mayor is two years, starting immediately and expiring on October 31, 2022, at which time, Council will take nominations for the position to serve in the position through to the end of their term in 2024.

History was made for Region of Queens Municipality for many reasons during the Swearing in ceremony. It was the first time in Region of Queens Municipality’s 24 year history that the Oath of Office was taken by a person under the age of 30. Councillor Maddie Charlton has that distinction.  Secondly, it was the first time for the Municipality that the Council Oath of Office was taken by three females at one swearing-in ceremony. Thirdly, the Mayor’s Oath of Office was taken for the first time by a female member of Region of Queens Municipality.  Her photograph will join the wall of photographs on display in Council Chamber which features every Mayor and Warden from the former Town of Liverpool, Municipality of the County of Queens, and Region of Queens Municipality. The fourth historic first is that Mayor Norman is the first female person in the history of Queens County dating back to 1879, or 141 years ago, to be installed as its Mayor, and her presence on that wall will forever be a reminder to young girls in the future that she was a trailblazer, and they can be too.

In adherence to Public Health protocols for COVID-19, attendance at the Special Council meeting was limited to members of Council and their family members.  It was live-streamed on the Municipality’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages to enable the public to be a part of this occasion which marked the beginning of the four year term of the seventh Council for Region of Queens Municipality.

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2020-2-24 Region of Queens Municipal Council

Front row:  Councillor Maddie Charlton - District 3, Mayor Darlene Norman, Councillor Vicki Amirault - District 4

Back Row: Councillor Ralph Gidney - District 2, Councillor Carl Hawkes - District 7, Councillor David Brown - District 6, Deputy Mayor Kevin Muise - District 1, Councillor Jack Fancy - District 5

Mayor Norman

Mayor Darlene Norman


Deputy Mayor Kevin Muise

Deputy Mayor Kevin Muise