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October 21, 2020:  Observing wildlife is interesting, but human interactions with wild animals, such as feeding them, can cause problems.  There is an established colony of foxes living in the wooded areas of Beach Meadows Beach. These foxes are wild animals, and we request that people do not feed them. This will cause them to become nuisance animals that pose a hazard to residents, and a dependency on people. Nova Scotia Lands and Forestry’s website notes that  “Foxes are easily habituated to humans, and when they are actively fed by people, their numbers can increase to exceed the carrying capacity of the landscape. This may encourage foxes to den closer to artificial food sources which continues the cycle of dependency on human food. During periods of high population, foxes are also more susceptible to fatal diseases like mange, and rabies. Fatal diseases are nature's way of controlling population levels and quickly spread when fox numbers increase.”   

Learn more about wild foxes and how to keep them safe on the Lands and Forestry website: 


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