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Fibe Internet Ready to Connect in Parts of North Queens

Phase One areas in Caledonia and area ready for Fibe connection through Bell Canada are outlined on this map .

September 3, 2020; Caledonia, NS:  Reliable high speed fibre internet service is now a reality for more than 1,250 properties in Central and North Queens starting immediately. Over the spring and summer, Bell Canada crews and their contractors have worked to install internet cables on poles in areas of North and Central Queens County that have had no internet or substandard internet speeds. Bell Aliant is now ready to connect the service to homes.  The first phase of Bell Canada’s “Fibre to the Home Footprint Expansion” was approved in February 2020 with funding through the Internet for Nova Scotia Initiative, a program of Develop Nova Scotia and the Province of Nova Scotia. Region of Queens Municipality has contributed $435,500 for this first phase which will now provide internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps in parts of Caledonia, West Caledonia, Westfield, and Harmony Mills. Today, 411 premises in North Queens can connect to Bell’s high speed Internet service.  

“Today is the day we have been waiting to see for a long time. As of today, 1,273 new premises in North and Central Queens now have access to high speed internet with another 74 premises expected in the coming weeks for a total of 1,347 premises, which is more than originally planned for in Phase 1. These 1,347 homes and businesses can contact Bell Aliant immediately to be connected to reliable high speed internet service. Getting to this point has been a long journey, and Council of Region of Queens Municipality is grateful to have collaborated with Develop Nova Scotia, Province of Nova Scotia, and Bell Canada to bring fibre internet to our underserviced residents in North and Central Queens.” said David Dagley, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality.

The Bell Canada Project will extend Fibre to the Home service to approximately 1,350 premises in this first phase with 411 in North Queens and 936 in Central Queens. In addition to today’s contribution of $435,500 by Region of Queens Municipality, Develop Nova Scotia contributed $487,000 through the Nova Scotia Internet Funding Trust for Nova Scotia Initiative, and Bell Canada funded the balance of the $1.9 million project. In 2019, Region of Queens Municipality also contributed $64,500 towards installing fibre backbone along Highway 210 in Central Queens and Highway 8 in North Queens to make today’s announcement possible. Without that initial investment last year by the Municipality, none of today’s announcement would be possible.

Residents in the Phase 1 communities interested in being connected to fibre internet service may contact Bell Aliant at 1-844-305-4228, visit the Bell Aliant store at MacPhersons at 37 Bristol Ave in Liverpool (or call them at 902-354-5054), visit the Bell Aliant store in the Bridgewater Mall, or visit, to learn more about the service and to schedule an appointment for installation and connection.

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* media release updated - Thursday, Sept. 3, 2020 at 2:50 p.m.