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July 29, 2020; Liverpool, NS:  Residents of Queens County will soon be able to share their thoughts on how to improve accessibility throughout Queens County.  Region of Queens Municipality will begin by first looking inward, assessing Municipal properties and services in terms of accessibility and creating action plans for improvement.    

Province of Nova Scotia’s Accessibility Act was adopted in 2017, with a vision of an accessible Nova Scotia by 2030. Implementation is planned to begin in 2022 with the first standards relating to built environment and education.  One of the first actions to be taken will be the establishment of an Accessibility Advisory Committee.  The Committee will consist of two Councillors and five members of the public who are either a person with a disability or who represent an organization for persons with disabilities. Their role is to work with the Municipality’s Accessibility Coordinator, Elise Johnston, to assist with outreach and making customized recommendations on standards for Region of Queens Municipality’s Accessibility Plan.  An essential part of the development of the plan is public input, one of the methods of which will be through an Accessibility Survey. It is important that those living with disabilities of any kind share their experiences of living with disabilities in the survey, ensuring that the barriers in Queens County are recognized and addressed as part of the plan developed by the Accessibility Coordinator and Accessibility Committee. A call for expressions of interest for Accessibility Committee members and posting of the Accessibility Survey for Queens County will both be promoted in the coming weeks.

“Council is pleased to see the Accessibility Plan for Queens County begin to move forward.  Throughout the mandate of the current Council, we have been taking steps toward improving accessibility in Queens County, such as installing an audible crossing signal at the traffic lights in Liverpool, painting sidewalk splays, installation of an accessible washroom and entry doors at the Municipal Administration Office, and Council’s support through a grant of up to $99,750 and land at Queens Place Emera Centre for the Queens Universally Designed Play Park,” said David Dagley, Mayor of Region of Queens Municipality. “We look forward to seeing the recommendations of the Accessibility Plan, and the work that will ensue from the Accessibility Committee.”