Region of Queens Municipality

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January 15, 2020

Recently HGS Canada informed the Municipality that they will not be renewing their lease option for the building in Liverpool Industrial Park. HGS Canada has decided that after 13 years operating at this location that they no longer wish to continue with the current lease arrangement with Region of Queens Municipality. Three years ago, the Municipality reduced the company’s rent to nearly half of what is was at the beginning of the lease in order to help with cost efficiencies in light of a reduced workforce by the company.

The company has informed the Municipality that all of its employees will be offered the opportunity to transfer into their work at home program.

Mayor David Dagley notes “Our thoughts are with the 52 employees at this time during this period of change and transition. We are proud that these employees have been known by the company to consistently be the best performing in their workforce of sites throughout Nova Scotia. We are confident that all, or a great majority of the employees, will be able to continue to work for HGS Canada through the work at home program. We thank HGS Canada for offering our residents continued employment in our community.”

The 32,000 square foot building is owned and leased by Region of Queens Municipality and has been a call centre for two different companies since its inception. The current tenant only leases half of the building, but because of the restrictions in that lease, the remainder of the building was virtually unleaseable. With the ending of this lease, the Municipality is now focused on leasing the entire building to maximize its benefits in terms of both use and local employment growth. Our staff are currently in discussions with other entities to locate potential future tenants.

Mayor David Dagley