Region of Queens Municipality

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September 19, 2019, Liverpool NS: A strategy to guide the Region of Queens Municipality’s activities to encourage residents to lead healthier lifestyles is being developed, and public meetings and input will be very important to the process.

The Region’s existing strategy is 10 years old, and needs to be updated to reflect changing times and lifestyles. “The Region of Queens was one of the first municipalities in Nova Scotia to develop a Physical Activity Strategy, and it has served us well,” according to Mayor David Dagley, “but it is now out-of-date and needs to be re-written to reflect the current status and needs of our communities.”

A call for citizen representatives to form a steering committee to assist with this process had a large response, which Dagley says will add value to the process. “We conducted a call for Expressions of Interest for two citizens to sit on this group, and were delighted to get seven residents from throughout Queens who wanted to be a part of the group,” says Dagley. “Council appointed all applicants, as these residents represent most of Queens geographically, and their community knowledge and interest will be of great benefit to the final report.” The citizens appointed to this Committee are Dr. Celeste Johnson, Lindsey Reinhart, Stacy Thorburn, Mya Uhlman, Hubert Rodden, Taryn Jollimore, and Tara Smith.

The Steering Committee has met twice over the summer with various community representatives and stakeholders, and is now planning a series of public meetings to receive more feedback. The first two meetings are planned for Monday, September 23rd at 7:00 pm at the North Queens Community School, West Caledonia Road, Caledonia, and Tuesday, October 1st at 6:30 pm at the Liverpool Lions Hall, Gorham St., Liverpool. Meetings will also be held in Greenfield, Port Mouton, and Port Medway in early October. Details about dates and locations will be posted on the Region of Queens Website and Facebook page.

“Public attendance at these meetings is encouraged so the Region can produce the best and most effective strategy it can to guide our activities and allocate resources towards physical activity and healthier lifestyles” said Dagley. He noted that a final report is expected to be received by Council in December.

For more information on this initiative, please call the Recreation and Healthy Communities Department at 902-354-5741.