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** Hurricane Dorian has concluded - recovery and restoration efforts continue in areas of Queens**

Hurricane Dorian Update 6, 10;14 a.m., September 13, 2019: An update from Nova Scotia Power (NSP) this morning advises that today there are 219 Power Line Crews and 45 vegetation management teams working exclusively in Western Nova Scotia for a total of 264 teams on the ground; the most of any area in Nova Scotia. They are focusing on getting the worst hit areas back on-line first including Milton and Greenfield area, but recognize that some will still be without power into the weekend. Any persons who are having their estimated time of restoration moved ahead should expect a call from Nova Scotia Power directly to inform them of this update. The on the ground work is taking much longer than usual due to the severity of the damage and the large number of outages.

NSP indicates that Dorian was the most destructive storm they have experienced, and its effects continue to cause outages. Trees weakened by Dorian’s hurricane-force winds continue to fall onto lines and cause new outages.  There were 10,000 new outages on September 11 and close to 40,000 in total since power restoration began on Sunday, September 8. As of 10 am. This morning, 14,935 NSP customers remain to have power restored. At the height of the storm, approximately 370,000 did not have power.

To help ensure power is restored as quickly as possible, NSP encourages customers to check to see if their meter mast is damaged. If it is, it needs to be repaired before power can be restored. To find an electrician, customers can call NSP at 1-877-428-6004 or visit www.nspower.ca/electricians.

As of yesterday, 60 additional power line crews from New Brunswick were secured and were on their way to Nova Scotia, following the cleaned up of damage in New Brunswick caused by Dorian. They are joining the 397 power line crews, 83 forestry crews and 68 damage assessment teams already dedicated to the restoration effort.

Residents can stay up to date on estimated restoration times via Nova Scotia Power’s outage map at nspower.ca or call by calling 1-877-428-6004.


If you are still without power and would like to have a shower, please note that the showers in the Fitness Centre of Queens Place Emera Centre will be open daily from Monday through Friday from 8:30am – 8:00pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. for anyone who is experiencing storm related issues due to Dorian. Please bring all necessary toiletries.

Please go to the front desk to sign in. The front desk employee will be taking of a list of names in order of sequence and letting you into the shower room as showers become available.


Hurricane Dorian Update 5: 10:20 am, Sept. 12, 2019:
Residents who have damages to homes and properties may be intersested in reading the follwoing information pertaining to insurance.



Hurricane Dorian Update 4: 9:00 am, Sept. 11, 2019:  There are still a number of residents of Queens County awaiting power restoration. For updates about anticipated power restoration in your area, please refer to the Nova Scotia Power Outage Map. If your area isnt on the map, be sure to report your outage online or by calling 1-877-428-6004.


Hurricane Dorian Update 3: 9:45 am, Sept. 8, 2019:  Now that the rain and wind aspects of the storm have ended, it is time for clean up and restoration.  The public is asked to please stay off highways and roadways.  This will ease the work of crews who are clearing numerous hazards and debris still in place, and working to quickly restore services and storm related repairs.  Unnecessary traffic will hamper the work of the crews, and in turn slow restoration and repair efforts.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Hurricane Dorian Update 2: 1:45 pm, Sept. 7, 2019:  With the hurricane not anticipated to make landfall until this evening, the rain and wind is expected to continue.  The public is urged to shelter in place, stay indoors, and stay off the roads unless there is an emergency. Please stay inside until the storm ends. 

In the event of an emergency, call 911.

Department of Transportation and Nova Scotia Power have removed their crews from the roads until it is safe for them to do so or required by EHS, Fire Services, or another emergencies.  The public are reminded to stay away from downed power lines, and to report trees on lines and outages to Nova Scotia Power’s Outage Centre 1-877-428-6004.

The public is reminded to take shelter inside and only travel if an emergency, and if so, the following facilities have advised us that they are open as charging stations:

Greenfield Fire Dept. Hall

Caledonia Fire Dept. Hall 

West Queens Recreation Centre

Port Medway Fire Department Hall

Liverpool Fire Department Hall

Mill Village and District Fire Dept. Hall


Stay safe everyone.


11:39 a.m., Sept. 7, 2019: Rainfall warnings are likely to be expanded with future updates. Heavy downpours can cause flash floods and water pooling on roads. Avoid driving through water on roads. Even shallow, fast-moving water across a road can sweep a vehicle or a person away. Don't approach washouts near rivers, creeks and culverts.

Avoid downed power lines.

Do not fuel up generators while they are running.

Run generators only in well ventilated areas.

Please continue to monitor alerts and forecasts.