Region of Queens Municipality

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Liverpool, NS, August 29, 2018: Region of Queens Municipality officially launches the “Queens: Planning for the Future” project this week. Over the course of the next 18 months the Municipality will work with residents, business owners, seasonal home-owners, agencies and community groups to modernize the land use planning framework within the Region. Specifically, the project will result in an updated Municipal Planning Strategy and Land Use (zoning) By-law. These documents guide how and where businesses, homes, farms, and new infrastructure can and should happen.

Councillor Heather Kelly, Chair of the Planning Advisory Committee, is excited to see the project get underway. “Queens: Planning for the Future is a chance to ask ourselves, ‘where do we want to be 10 or 20 years from now?’ and to define that picture of the future. We’ll be working with the public to establish a vision, and to identify what is needed to get us there. We want to shape our communities so they continue to be places where people want to live.”

Mike MacLeod, Director of Planning and Development, added, “This project will also help us get ahead of some challenges we will face in the future, such as climate change and an aging population. How can we balance the needs of our diverse rural and settlement areas? Do we have enough opportunities for seniors’ housing? Do we have the jobs and services to attract and retain young families? These are the kinds of questions we will be asking throughout the project.”

Starting now, the Region will be reaching out to ask, “What do you want your Queens to be?” and to engage in important conversations on specific issues, such as housing, agriculture, home-based businesses, coastal development, and more. The project is being carried out with
support from Upland Planning and Design Studio, who will be hosting events and presentations in communities throughout the region this fall.
Anyone interested in learning more about the project or participating in the process can review the project website, sign-up for the e-newsletter, send an email, or call the municipal office.
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