Region of Queens Municipality

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May 8, 2018; Liverpool, NS:   Littering is a concern in communities across Nova Scotia; the Council of Region of Queens Municipality has taken steps to support those who conduct roadside clean ups to reduce roadside litter.  A motion to approve the Solid Waste Community Litter Collection Program was passed at the May 8, 2018 Regular Council meeting.  The Solid Waste Community Litter Collection Program supports community groups that clean a portion of highway in their community, with a grant of $100 per kilometre, along with the required safety supplies, gloves, and garbage bags.  

“Litter is a concern in every corner of Queens, and there are a number of community organizations that conduct litter clean ups in their areas as a community pride initiative; they have a desire to keep Queens clean and beautiful, and Council appreciates and values those efforts,” said David Dagley, Mayor of the Region of Queens Municipality. “Some groups have registered their clean up area with Adopt A Highway, and commit to twice annual litter clean ups.  Other groups are not affiliated with an organized litter removal program, and do clean ups as needed.  Their work to pick up litter makes an impact, and is an example to others.”

An ad hoc litter abatement committee made up of Community members, a few Region of Queens staff, and some Council members, has been working on projects that educate residents about litter and the need to reduce, reuse and recycle.  The ad hoc litter abatement committee brought forward the idea of establishing a program where community organizations could apply to clean up an area, and receive a financial support in return.  The budget implications of the Solid Waste Community Litter Collection Program are $3,000 for the grants, and an additional $2,500 budgeted to cover the gloves, bags and safety supplies.  

Incorporated non-profit community organizations or groups within Queens are eligible to apply once per fiscal year for funding, and must supply proof of approval from Nova Scotia Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal for their litters clean up.  Funds are available on a first come, first served basis, at a rate of $100per kilometre, including both sides of the road, to a maximum of $300 per year.  Program guidelines and an application form are available by contacting Scott LeBlanc, Solid Waste Management Clerk at 902-354-3455, and they will also be posted on the Region of Queens website ( ) by May 11, 2018.